Kick-starting the season

This past week the Notre Dame de Namur Argonauts played two games one Sept. 21 against Cal State Sonoma State University and the other Sept. 27 against Hawaii Pacific University.

In their first game at Koret Field against CSSSU the Argos played an aggressive, uptempo game. Both offenses were aggressive in the first half forcing senior goal keeper Jay Tsuruoka to make save after save. It was the Argos who struck first when senior Hunter Le Blanc nailed a corner kick that curved right passed the goalie into the back of the net. Later in the first half the Argos earned a free kick. Le Blanc stepped forward again and sent a pass into the box where sophomore defender Robert Hines III was able to put it in for his first career goal. When asked about the goal Hines said, “I’m happy Hunter (Le Blanc) was able to find me and fortunately the ball went.” The Argos lead 2-0 going into the second half, but in the 55th minute CSSSU was able to score. For the rest of the half the Argos defense was able to shut down the opponent. In the closing seconds of the game junior defender Tyler Matas chased a ball down and kicked in the third goal to give the Argos the win 3-1.

Photograph provided by Professor Rossi.

Submerged into a culture of violence

As the NFL season approached there seemed to be the gradual buildup of anticipation of how well the teams were going to do with the trading and new additions of players. However, this season there was a shift in attention. Instead of focusing in on the game and the fundamentals of each team, attention was drawn towards the violence occurring.

It’s to no surprise that when athletes conduct these acts of violence, we as a society condone such happenings. What makes it acceptable for athletes to have a “get out of jail free” card? By having this system where we excuse others’ actions there becomes this state of mind for one who begins to understand that it is morally just to continue this violence – because there are no consequences.

It is well understood that the NFL is a rigorous industry that thrives on the commitment and dedication the players bring to the field. As all sports, the NFL pushes their athletes constantly through strenuous practices to the point of exhaustion. Because this is the lifestyle the athletes chose to take part in does not mean their families chose to take part in the violence that follows, in this case domestic.

The Argonaut had the opportunity of interviewing NDNU’s very own retired NFL player, Steven Kinney, also known as Professor Kinney. Having played for the Washington Redskins as well as the Chicago Bears, he is well versed in the culture. He currently is in the English department at NDNU as well as serves as a liaison between the athletic and Faculty departments. The three questions that Professor Kinney was prompted with were as follows:

§ What was it like being in the culture (the NFL culture, that is)?

§ How has it evolved? Why do you see this occurring?

§ What can the NDNU community do on our part?

Steven Kinney as Offensive Tackle for the Chicago Bears.
Taken from the NDNU Alumni Newsletter – Jan 2014

The Experience of a Lifetime

Are you looking for an adventure overseas? Do you want to learn about a new culture? Or are you simply just bored with your everyday routine and want something new? Sign up for the Study Abroad Program at NDNU and continue your journey towards your degree while making some great memories along the way!

Stay for a semester, full academic year, or just the summer in almost any country you desire with multiple campuses to choose from in each country.

Not interested in leaving the country but want to explore another area? NDNU has off-campus study opportunities at our sister schools in Washington D.C and in Boston as well. Classes in any subject can be taken both in the states or abroad.

Kill two birds with one stone and fulfill your language requirement abroad! Studying abroad not only helps you learn and become acquainted with another language, but you can meet your NDNU language requirement as well being there.

NDNU has a language requirement of 6 units that can be satisfied just by studying the language there. Don’t let the language barrier stop you from traveling if you don’t feel comfortable with foreign language. There are also programs that offer classes all taught in English.

Studying abroad is affordable with many scholarship opportunities, so money shouldn’t deter you from considering. Costs vary by program and country, but can be comparable to the cost of tuition and on campus living at NDNU. Financial aid awarded at NDNU is accepted by most programs and can be used to pay for your studies.

Many scholarship opportunities are also available within different programs to help students. Right now NDNU has a $5000 scholarship available to take classes in Archeology, Art History, Classical, Studies, Gender Studies, History, Languages, Literature, Music, Philosophy, and Religious Studies at the Centre for Medieval & Renaissance Studies, Oxford in England.

Studying abroad is a life changing experience that can invite new perspectives of the world that can aid in your future success.

In an interview with Hannah Verschelden, a NDNU senior that studied in Wales for Spring semester of 2014, she described that studying abroad was the most eye opening experience she has ever had.

“The places I saw looked completely different than anything I had ever seen in America. Having had first hand encounters with the people and culture of Europe has instilled in me a new understanding of America and how to live life. I can say from the bottom of my heart that I learned more in the 4 months of studying abroad than I have ever learned in all my 15 years of studying History, Government, and culture in a classroom in the states.”

If interested in studying abroad, complete the following steps:

1) Research and select a potential program.

2) Apply to an NDNU-approved program/university.

3) Complete the NDNU Study Abroad Approval Form available in Study Abroad office.

4) Turn in the NDNU Approval form!

For more information about study abroad options, prices, and academics, stop by the Study Abroad office located in Saint Mary’s 114 or email;  to speak with the advisors of the program: Ann Fathman,, and Lorenzo Giachetti, today.

One of the many views in Wales.
NDNU senior Hannah Verschelden in the Spring of 2014 as she studies abroad in the beautiful Wales.
A spectacular cloudy morning seen in Wales.
An aerial view over Wales’ beautiful waters.

*All photographs shown in this article are courtesy of Hannah Verschelden

Rough Trip to Washington

The NDNU men’s soccer team went up to Washington this past weekend, Saturday September 13th through Monday September 15th, where they played Seattle Pacific University and Western Washington University. It was a tough trip for the Argos losing both games, despite playing extremely well.

The Argos played Seattle Pacific in their first game. It was a long battle throughout with two goals coming from SPU one late in the first half and then another late in the second half.

Next was Western Washington, another rough game. The first half was a defensive battle, then luck struck for the Argos but unfortunately they couldn’t capitalize on a penalty kick. After that, the momentum was all for Western Washington who ended up with a late second half goal. The final score was 1-0.

The Argos are now 1-3 with their next game on Saturday September 20th against San Francisco State University.


Danny Miller from WWU with control over the ball.

You know you’re an Argo when…

1. You can wake up 3 minutes before class starts and still make it there on time.

2. You’ve seen “invalid username” or “invalid password” pop up on your computer screen multiple times.

3. You know about 90% of the people that go to the school.

4. Your classroom attire is sweats/leggings and a t-shirt.

5. You’ve been abruptly woken up at 4 a.m. to a fire alarm.

6. A Martin sandwich is your go-to lunch item.

7. The majority of your Argonaut apparel was free.

8. You know that at Sunday morning breakfast in the cafeteria, you are bound to hear some gossip- good or bad.

9. Finals week is your first and last visit to the library all semester.

10. Your professors all know you by name.

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 9.45.19 PM.pngScreen Shot 2014-09-21 at 9.45.29 PM.pngScreen Shot 2014-09-21 at 9.45.45 PM.png

Did You Rep?

A new event came to NDNU Wednesday night, a fun filled event all to get the sport’s teams some recognition.

If you were walking around the Library Lawn on Wednesday, September 17, night and didn’t know about Rep Your Sport, you might have wondered why there were so many people jumping and playing in bounce houses. However this wasn’t a random sight, it was a new event put on by the Programming Board.

Rep Your Sport was an event to bring all of the NDNU community together, and to recognize the sports teams as well.

“Programming Board’s mission for this event was to start the year off with school spirit and show the sports teams that PB supports them,” tells Veronica Anton, a member of the Programming Board.

Much like the previous years “Midnight Madness” which was an event held in the gym, where the sports teams put on a skit or planned games for the audience to play , in a sense, this event had a way to bring non-athletes at school together with those who star on our fields and courts.

NDNU offers many events throughout the school year, and all seem to have the same goal: to get our small community to come closer together.

According to the Programming Board a total of 166 students attended this event, which was a great turnout for the first one of the year. The Programming Board wants students to get excited about the new year and new events that they will be planning, and also to get excited about our sports’ programs.

Veronica Anton, of the Programming Board stated that “a lot of coaches and other groups have been talking about getting high school spirit this year and we wanted to help create that movement.”

Teams were invited to come in uniform, which the Lacrosse team took very seriously and all came matching. You also saw men’s and women’s basketball, volleyball, and men’s and women’s cross country at the event. Some who aren’t on a team at school came in sports related gear, such as jerseys, hats, and t-shirts of their favorite major league teams. Reinforcing the NDNU spirit, this year’s new cheerleading squad performed a cheer as well as a dance.

Other students, who do not play a sport, also attended the festivities. Playing in the different bounce house styles that were offered, which included a basketball court and a life size Foosball game. As always you got Argo Points for attending the event, free snow cones were given away, and there was also a raffle offered by the Programming Board for a pair of San Francisco Giants tickets.

A group of students waiting to play one of the games that were offered at Rep Your Sport.
Some of the Lacrosse team came in uniform to bounce around at Rep Your Sport.
Coco Bradley and Taylor Dewees practice their shooting skills on the inflatable hoops at Rep Your Sport.