Did You Rep?

A new event came to NDNU Wednesday night, a fun filled event all to get the sport’s teams some recognition.

If you were walking around the Library Lawn on Wednesday, September 17, night and didn’t know about Rep Your Sport, you might have wondered why there were so many people jumping and playing in bounce houses. However this wasn’t a random sight, it was a new event put on by the Programming Board.

Rep Your Sport was an event to bring all of the NDNU community together, and to recognize the sports teams as well.

“Programming Board’s mission for this event was to start the year off with school spirit and show the sports teams that PB supports them,” tells Veronica Anton, a member of the Programming Board.

Much like the previous years “Midnight Madness” which was an event held in the gym, where the sports teams put on a skit or planned games for the audience to play , in a sense, this event had a way to bring non-athletes at school together with those who star on our fields and courts.

NDNU offers many events throughout the school year, and all seem to have the same goal: to get our small community to come closer together.

According to the Programming Board a total of 166 students attended this event, which was a great turnout for the first one of the year. The Programming Board wants students to get excited about the new year and new events that they will be planning, and also to get excited about our sports’ programs.

Veronica Anton, of the Programming Board stated that “a lot of coaches and other groups have been talking about getting high school spirit this year and we wanted to help create that movement.”

Teams were invited to come in uniform, which the Lacrosse team took very seriously and all came matching. You also saw men’s and women’s basketball, volleyball, and men’s and women’s cross country at the event. Some who aren’t on a team at school came in sports related gear, such as jerseys, hats, and t-shirts of their favorite major league teams. Reinforcing the NDNU spirit, this year’s new cheerleading squad performed a cheer as well as a dance.

Other students, who do not play a sport, also attended the festivities. Playing in the different bounce house styles that were offered, which included a basketball court and a life size Foosball game. As always you got Argo Points for attending the event, free snow cones were given away, and there was also a raffle offered by the Programming Board for a pair of San Francisco Giants tickets.


A group of students waiting to play one of the games that were offered at Rep Your Sport.


Some of the Lacrosse team came in uniform to bounce around at Rep Your Sport.


Coco Bradley and Taylor Dewees practice their shooting skills on the inflatable hoops at Rep Your Sport.

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