The Experience of a Lifetime

Are you looking for an adventure overseas? Do you want to learn about a new culture? Or are you simply just bored with your everyday routine and want something new? Sign up for the Study Abroad Program at NDNU and continue your journey towards your degree while making some great memories along the way!

Stay for a semester, full academic year, or just the summer in almost any country you desire with multiple campuses to choose from in each country.

Not interested in leaving the country but want to explore another area? NDNU has off-campus study opportunities at our sister schools in Washington D.C and in Boston as well. Classes in any subject can be taken both in the states or abroad.

Kill two birds with one stone and fulfill your language requirement abroad! Studying abroad not only helps you learn and become acquainted with another language, but you can meet your NDNU language requirement as well being there.

NDNU has a language requirement of 6 units that can be satisfied just by studying the language there. Don’t let the language barrier stop you from traveling if you don’t feel comfortable with foreign language. There are also programs that offer classes all taught in English.

Studying abroad is affordable with many scholarship opportunities, so money shouldn’t deter you from considering. Costs vary by program and country, but can be comparable to the cost of tuition and on campus living at NDNU. Financial aid awarded at NDNU is accepted by most programs and can be used to pay for your studies.

Many scholarship opportunities are also available within different programs to help students. Right now NDNU has a $5000 scholarship available to take classes in Archeology, Art History, Classical, Studies, Gender Studies, History, Languages, Literature, Music, Philosophy, and Religious Studies at the Centre for Medieval & Renaissance Studies, Oxford in England.

Studying abroad is a life changing experience that can invite new perspectives of the world that can aid in your future success.

In an interview with Hannah Verschelden, a NDNU senior that studied in Wales for Spring semester of 2014, she described that studying abroad was the most eye opening experience she has ever had.

“The places I saw looked completely different than anything I had ever seen in America. Having had first hand encounters with the people and culture of Europe has instilled in me a new understanding of America and how to live life. I can say from the bottom of my heart that I learned more in the 4 months of studying abroad than I have ever learned in all my 15 years of studying History, Government, and culture in a classroom in the states.”

If interested in studying abroad, complete the following steps:

1) Research and select a potential program.

2) Apply to an NDNU-approved program/university.

3) Complete the NDNU Study Abroad Approval Form available in Study Abroad office.

4) Turn in the NDNU Approval form!

For more information about study abroad options, prices, and academics, stop by the Study Abroad office located in Saint Mary’s 114 or email;  to speak with the advisors of the program: Ann Fathman,, and Lorenzo Giachetti, today.


One of the many views in Wales.


NDNU senior Hannah Verschelden in the Spring of 2014 as she studies abroad in the beautiful Wales.


A spectacular cloudy morning seen in Wales.


An aerial view over Wales’ beautiful waters.

*All photographs shown in this article are courtesy of Hannah Verschelden

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