Nowadays amongst college-aged students, having various social media accounts is common place. Shouting “do it for the insta!” at a party or using hashtag #nofilter on your latest selfie are things you’re no stranger to. So how do you make your pictures stand out from the crowded feeds you’re posting to? The answer is simpler than you think.

Photo editing apps help even the most basic Instagrammers seem creative and artistic. Debating whether to post another picture of your usual Starbucks Caramel Macchiato Frappuccino? Just download the Free LensFlare app and add rays of light bursting from the corner and boom, you have an insta-worthy photo in seconds. Now your followers will totally know you were sitting outside on a hot summer day without you having to write it in the caption.

photo 1-14.JPG

Before editing

photo 2-16.JPG

After editing with LensFlare Photo credit: Mia Ackley

Below is a list of other helpful editing apps in the iTunes App Store guaranteed to get you those 100 likes your photos deserve.

1. VSCOcam- Whether you choose from the 10 unique filters or edit your pictures manually, once you go VSCO you never go back.


Original Photo Photo credit: Mia Ackley

photo 1.PNG

Edited using VSCOcam Photo credit: Mia Ackley

2. Squareready- Forget to take your picture in the “square” option on your camera? Don’t worry, Squareready re-sizes your picture without cutting any of it out to fit Instagram while using white boarders. Plus, those boarders are in, right?

photo 2.PNG

Edited using Squareready Photo credit: Mia Ackley


Posted to fit Instagram Photo credit: Mia Ackley

3. Pic Stitch- So you took 234 pictures and six came out cute. How can you only choose ONE photo to Instagram!? Don’t stress! Pic Stitch allows you to make photo collages so you never have to worry.

photo 5-1.PNG

Photo credit: Mia Ackley

4. moreBeaute2- Does the idea of uploading a selfie send shivers down your spine? The moreBeaut2 app allows you to soften and blur facial imperfections before posting. But beware of being too photoshopped and don’t overdo it.

photo 3.PNG

moreBeaute2 App Photo credit: Mia Ackley

5. HDR FX Pro- At $2.99, this app isn’t a steal, but it’s features make it good enough to make the list. Our iPhone cameras can’t always capture the beauty of landscape or scenic shots exactly as we seem them. Use this app to add intense saturation or play with the colors to bring your photo back to life.

photo 4.PNG

HDR FX Pro App Photo credit: Mia Ackley

Don’t let social media intimidate you anymore. With these few helpful editing apps, you don’t have to be a professional photographer to have a great Instagram feed #noexcuses.

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