The naughty boys takeover

Notre Dame de Namur’s very own lacrosse team has come together to keep a tradition they have alive and get some school spirit flowing. They are helping their fellow Argonauts succeed by coming out to home games and cheering -in a rather unique way.

What’s unique about their tactic to increase the school spirit around campus is in the details of the charismatic group itself.. and maybe in the uniforms as well!

Commonly referred to as “The Naughty Boys”, the lacrosse team members have created their own type of spirit squad that scream cheers, dance, and get the crowd laughing and excited to be there! They are the talk of the game as they position themselves in front of the fans and go crazy. But their actions aren’t the only reason why they stand out from the crowd so much!

The spirited squad has an interesting “uniform” that maybe shouldn’t be called a uniform since little clothing is involved. The Lacrosse players stick out by coming to the games in short shorts, no shirt, and bring props to play with. They use their bodies as canvases; oiling up, writing names, numbers, and chants in blue and yellow body paint. At the soccer games the team jams out by using five-gallon buckets as drums to go with their cheers.

When Freshman Lacrosse player Alec Killian was asked the reason as to why the team started the wacky trend this year, Alec responded with, “We wanted to show support for our teams and show some school spirit.”

As a freshman he feels like NDNU could definitely use a little more school spirit and fun on campus. As their pre-game warm up, the team runs a lap around the campus and through the dorms in their skimpy “outfits,” advertising that there is a home game. Killian claims that since the team started showing up to the games, there seems to be more students in the stands.

lax spirit.jpg

Known as “The Naughty Boys”, the 2014 to 2015 Lacrosse team is pictured prior to going out to the Volleyball game. Image provided by: Adrian Hollifield 


“We want to get the crowd rowdy and make the games fun to be at for everyone” urges Killian.

Lack of school spirit is something that NDNU students have expressed grief about. Having a special cheer group that is exciting, fun, and down right funny to watch gives students more of a reason to come out to the games.

Andrew Arabejo, a sophomore Lacrosse player, proposed an idea that would help NDNU come together even more.

“It would be a cool idea to create a students only section in one corner of the bleachers. We could call it ‘The Argo Corner’ or something,” suggests Arabejo. “Maybe the Lacrosse team could stand in front of the section and lead cheers.”

NDNU senior Volleyball player Jackie Harper speaks to the spirit. She likes when the LAX team comes to support because they make the games fun. As a player she has noticed that traffic at games has increased and says she wants to return the favor and support them in the Spring.

When asked if she thinks that the Women’s Volleyball team would dress up or create their own cheer squad, “Maybe we’ll dress up, but we’ll stay clothed”, chuckling as she replied.

This year Lacrosse wants to show their group support at as many sporting events as they can this year. They have attended Women’s Volleyball, Men’s and Women’s Soccer games and have special plans to add Men and Women’s Basketball to the mix as well. They hope to turn this trend among the Lacrosse players into a tradition that can be passed on year after year and continue to help the school keep working towards increasing school spirit.

Go Argos!



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