The Real MVP’s

Any sports fan loves to see their favorite team push themselves to get the win. Usually people focus on their favorite player and how that player trains to be great- though many people do not take the time to think who else helped push this athlete to become the greater player he or she is today. People always remember the coaching staff, but what about the Athletic Training staff? They have to work just as hard and as many hours as the athletes themselves.

Being an athletic trainer is both a difficult and joyful career, but also very unique in its own way. An athletic trainer is a care professional that specializes in preventing, recognizing, managing and rehabilitating injuries. In cooperation with physicians, other health personal, coaches and parents, the athletic trainer functions as an integral member of the health care team in clinics, schools, universities, professional sports programs, and other various athletic health care settings.

Not only do athletic trainers have to push themselves to learn everything about injuries and injury prevention but also how to build a connection with their student athletes in order to push them to be the best.


“I feel like in this job you come across athletes at one of the worst time in their athletic career-most times due to an injury. When injured they cant participate in the sport that they love. As Athletic Trainers we come into their lives to help them see that they can physically and mentally return to their sport. There is noting more rewarding than to make that investment into their health and well-being, and then see them return to their athletic field, and know you had a part in their success” , shared Corinne Schneider, one of the two athletic trainers here at Notre Dame de Namur University.

Perhaps always remember that athletic trainers at universities are one of the best assets to a college. Not only are they like parents away from home by caring for your injuries, but you begin to develop a bond with your athletic training staff.

“During my time at NDNU Corinne and Christian have not only been there to help me with my injuries but they also take the extra time to help pick me back up on a mental level to help push me to become a better student athlete”, informed NDNU sophomore Lacrosse player Andrew Arabejo.

Numerous student athletes appreciate the time that athletic trainers spend with their student athletes, seeing as they are always there to help them mentally and physically.

“The patience that the athletic trainers have for all the teams here at NDNU and I is very admirable seeing as there is only two of them on staff and over 175 athletes on campus..” NDNU senior Women’s Soccer player Maria Schneider said.

Athletic trainers are the underrated MVP’s in every sport. Take the time to change this. Give them the credit that they deserve!

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