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In a dramatic 7 game series, the San Francisco Giants defeated the Kansas City Royals making that their third championship in five years.

2014 Giants World Series Parade

Giants fans gather to celebrate the Giants third World Series win on Oct. 31 at San Francisco City Hall. Photo by Marisa Schneider

With the Giants beating Kansas City Royals 3-2 at Kaufman Stadium in game 7, they have became the first team to win a Series Game 7 on the road since the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1979. They also became the second team, after the Boston Red Sox, to win three championships in the 21st century.

Game 7 included a five inning scoreless relief appearance from Giants pitcher and World Series MVP Madison Bumgarner who also clenched wins in game 1 and game 5 making this his third victory this series. He allowed just two hits and struck out four men while throwing 68 pitches on just two days rest after throwing 117 pitches in Game 5.

Giant’s fans back home cheered and celebrated every strike, ball and pop fly together. Fans gathered in the streets of San Francisco to pop champagne, lite bonfires, hug strangers and dance in the crowd with hundreds of thousands of other Giants fans, but the celebration didn’t stop there.

2014 Giants World Series Parade

Even Year Magic!

On Friday October 31, 2014, the celebration continued in San Francisco at the World Series Championship Parade. Despite the rain and cloudy weather, thousands of fans packed the streets of the city to see players as they rode through the city in open-backed trucks or on double-decker buses.

2014 Giants World Series Parade

Although it may have rained and been the third World Series parade in five years, Junior Megan Ettinger believes that this parade was by far the best parade out of the three she has attended.

“This parade was unlike any of the previous parades. The million of Giants fans did not come together to celebrate the Giants first or second World Series championship, but their third in five years,” said Ettinger.

NDNU students at the parade

Attending the parade with Ettinger was Senior Carrie Turgeon who believes that “This World Series Parade blew the first and second World Series Parades out of the water.”

With such a large turnout, the Bay Area’s transportation of buses, trains and ferries were overcrowded and much bigger than normal crowds. Bart and Caltrain were both on track to set daily records with the overflow of capacity.

Sophomore Jillian Colburn commutes to NDNU from San Francisco everyday and described the overcrowded transit systems as being “always crowded, but not like this.”

Over the 1.7 mile parade route flocked 1 million dedicated San Francisco Giants fans. We can only hope and pray that 2015 will be the fourth time the Giants win the World Series in six years.

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