Founder’s Week 2015

Presenting: Founders’ Week, 2015! Every year, students and faculty commemorate the vision of our Founders through celebrative events. This year, the Founders’ Week Committee has put together a weeks long worth of events to celebrate Notre Dame de Namur’s founders, mission and heritage. In 1804, Saint Julie Billiart and Sister Francoise Blin de Bourdon founded the Sisters of Notre Dame with a vision of a helping hand and standing with the poor. In 2005, Sister Dorothy Stang, a woman inspired by our Foundresses, was murdered for the activist role she played in supporting this vision. Since 2005, NDNU has combined Notre Dame’s Birth Day with the death of Sister Dorothy Stang, into a commemorative week, this year falling on February 8-12, 2015.

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Pictured below Sisters of the Notre Dame Judi and Nina, share memories with three Notre Dame de Namur University students at lunch in SJ Lounge on February 10.

Each year these events are put together to reflect on the legacy envisioned by our founders. The week starts Sunday, February 8, 2015.

Sunday: Founders’ Week Mass.

Monday is a campus tour with Sr. Roseanne Murphy and Milk-n-Cookies with the sisters.

Tuesday is lunch with the Sisters, Alumni Wine and Cheese Reception, and an Evening Panel: Building Legacies: Saint Julie Billiart and Sr. Dorothy Stang.

Wednesday is the Special Roundtable with Tom and David Stang, Campus Tour with Sr. Roseanne Murphy, and two Movie Showings: They Killed Sr. Dorothy and The Student, the Nun, and the Amazon.

Thursday is the Gardening on Campus, Candlelight prayer Vigil with the Sister, and Sr. Dorothy Stang Opera Concert.

In addition to these events, the Legacy of the Foundresses exhibit will be on display in the library all week.

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