16 Characters You Meet in College

Lessons come in all shapes and sizes. But when it comes to college – whether at a large impersonal state school or a respectable small private university – one lesson is the same. Students learn that their peers fall into certain categories that many are all too familiar with. Notre Dame de Namur University (NDNU) is no stranger to students inevitably gravitating to their rightful place in college. Whether they like it or not, everyone has a title. Here are 16 characters that you will find on NDNU’s campus.


1. The Resurrected: You might see this character at the start of the semester or maybe during orientation. But don’t be fooled, the Resurrected is absent most of the time then comes back to life during finals.

2. Emo: Generally quiet and mysterious, the Emo has been known to criticize most things like Twilight, and then dresses like a vampire.

3. Miss Potato Chip: Oblivious to their peers, the little Miss Potato Chip has no shame on munching down on some extra crunchy snacks during class. This character is unaware of piercing side-glances.

4. The Borrower: Needs to borrow a pen, pencil, paper and most things that are necessary for school. This person has also found themselves in the wrong class once or twice.

5. Part-Time Student Full-Time Mom (PTSFTM): You know you are in the presence of a PTSFTM when she pulls her books and binders from a diaper bag. She also has her baby’s photo as the background image on her phone.

6. The Riddler: With an arm locked in the question asking position, the Riddler will either be the teacher’s pet or the teacher’s pain.

7. The Innovator: This character has the latest technology before most even know that it exists. You might find the Innovator casually walking around to add steps to their Fit Bit while wearing a Google Watch and staring through some Google Glasses.

8. The Trebek: This smarty-pants is not shy to shout out the correct answer. They generally offer the professor answers instead of questions. Only the Trebek will smugly correct a teacher.

9. Back to School Granny: You might have to look twice when you see Nana sitting next to you. But give it a couple weeks and you’ll find that she blends right in.

10. Beer Pong Champion: This party goer will inevitably ask you for last weeks notes, homework and answers to the pop quiz that they missed.

11. Mr. Popular: Mr. Popular will have other students carrying his books since his arms are wrapped around some girl’s shoulders.

12. Pajama Party: As if literally sliding out of bed and showing up to class, the Pajama Party has no shame in wearing SpongeBob Sweatpants and an NDNU hoodie.


13. The Curve Wrecker: This student has the ability to make sure that your average C+ keeps you off the dean’s list. You may not have mastered the topic in class, but your work is adequate and you feel confident that a decent grade is to come. A C+ is not bad, but the Curve Wrecker will demoralize you.

14. The Flask: You may get a whiff of alcohol during class, but is that the smell of Listerine or rum in that coke?

15. The Honey Bee: Turning your phone on silent does not stop it from vibrating. The Honey Bee is unaware that the constant buzzing can be heard from the classroom next door.

16. The Michelangelo: This character has taken doodling to the next level. The Michelangelo’s notebook is covered in beautiful works of art.


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