An Advocate for Domestic Violence?

Last Month, a viral video surfaced of 18 year old Romina Garcia making the outrageous assertion that “If your boyfriend hits you or beats you up, stay with him. He loves you, because he’s risking for you to press charges on him, calling the police — a guy that’s willing to do that for a girl, that’s amazing.” The young blogger, from Las Vegas, Nevada has a fan base of 100,000 people. One has to be concerned about a percentage of her fans that are being misled about the atrocities of domestic violence.

Following her statement and personal stories, in which she stated she once deserved to get a black eye, thousands responded. Shockingly, there were young girls who identify with the message. The shocking video sheds light to the issue of domestic violence and its prevalence among a younger demographic of girls. Garcia’s message has been talked about within news and media and was actually interviewed on the Dr. Phil show. Professionals suggest that she is just a lost girl, looking for attention. Nonetheless, it’s troublesome that there are young women who are drowning in misleading information and ultimately headed down a destructive path.

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