Top 5 Places to Get a Meal Under $10 Near NDNU

College is a time of great personal growth for most individuals, however, it is also usually a time of great financial burden due to the high cost of tuition, books, housing, and food.

Most students at Notre Dame de Namur University have some sort of meal plan through the school’s cafeteria. But the food can get repetitive and boring, which leads to students going off campus to satisfy their hunger. explore what the greater area of Belmont has to offer when it comes to cuisine.

The problem with this is that restaurants in the surrounding area tend to be a little high-priced for most college student’s budgets. However, we’ve found some hidden gems that offer you a great meal for under $10 dollars that are close to campus.

(1) Jersey Joe’s (San Carlos) American

Great family owned sports themed establishment about five minutes from campus.

Favorite Dish: Philly Cheese Steak w/ grilled onions

(2) Amigos Grill (San Mateo) Mexican

The farthest of the selections, but the drive is worth it because they serve authentic Mexican food for a great price.

Favorite Dish: Steak Tacos, Super Burritos, and Churros

(3) Mr. Pickles (Belmont) Sandwiches

Favorite Dish: “The Mr. Pickle” (Chicken Breast, Bacon, Avocado, Melted Monterey Jack)

A local favorite and a great substitute for usual chain sandwich shops such as Subway.

(4) Coyote Grill (Belmont) Mexican

Great Mexican place closer to campus who specialize in burritos.

Favorite Dish: Any burrito

(5) Doc’s Bagels (Belmont)

The perfect spot for your breakfast needs whether you just need a bagel or a full-on meal.

Favorite Dish: Breakfast sandwiches, Assorted Bagels, Specialty Coffee

Any and all of these establishments serve great food of all kinds. Whether you’re in the mood for a hamburger, some food from south of the border, or just a good old sandwich there is a place for you that you can actually afford.

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