How Belmont Became Your Home

Making the choice of where to attend college is one of the most important and influential decisions that an individual can make during their young life. There are such a variety of options for individuals when it comes to higher education that it begs the question why did you choose NDNU to be your new home. I have polled a multitude of students (of whom I kept anonymous) to find out the top reasons why Notre Dame De Namur University was the right school for them.

The top three reasons that resulted from this poll were the fact the school was small and classes were easy to get, the high availability of financial aid, and finally, athletics.

The fact small school size and class selection was the most heard statement is not very surprising, especially because the campus is located in California, which has the largest public university system in the country. At most schools around the state classes are hard if not impossible to get, which means students can’t get the classes they need to graduate on time. At a small private school like NDNU classes that are needed are much easier to get and the attention a student receives from their professors is much greater.

Affordability was also not a surprise because being that NDNU is a private school with high tuition most students require financial aid in order to attend. The university makes a valiant effort to give as many scholarship opportunities as possible for those students willing to seek them.

Athletics as a final criteria really helps to sum up why many individuals attend NDNU. The Argonauts sports program is very unique as it offers some sports that many other schools don’t. For example, NDNU boasts the only Division II NCAA men’s lacrosse team in the state of California.

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