Studying and preparing for classes is a challenge of its own but now, to add more pressure, midterms are around the corner! Spring Break is almost in our reach and to help ease the stress that comes with midterms, here are the top places that students attest to having a conducive environment for studying.

Location 1: The Library

The NDNU Library is a place where you can find hard at work students catching up on homework or preparing for exams. With books for rent, textbooks to borrow, and ebooks to access, the library provides multiple resources for students. You can be sure to feel focused as there is little noise or other means that could be considered distractions. Sophomore Psychology major, Angelica Perales, gives the library a, ” 10/10 rating for a great place to study.”

Library Schedule

Mon–Thurs: 8 a.m.–11 p.m, Friday: 8 a.m.–4 p.m, Saturday: 9 a.m.–4 p.m., Sunday: Noon – 9 p.m.

Location 2: Quad

Spring time is a time where the sun is shining and students bask in the beauty of Belmont. Believe or not, completing homework outside is not only becoming more popular but it is also one of the top ways to spark creativity. The University of Rochester developed a study in 2010 that found studying outside creates a more positive outlook on the tasks at hand and creates a feeling of happiness. In a time being stressed out, head to the quad for a breath of fresh air and a change in scenery to study or do homework. You will catch more and more students who could potentially be your next study partner!

Location 3: Dorm Room

Although some may think that there are more distractions then helpful studying agents in a dorm room, students like Sophomore communication major Madeline Dub rave about the amount one can achieve focusing in a closed surrounding.

“Studying in my room is not only more convenient but more quiet” Dub said,” not to mention I can get a lot of things done without having the chance of being interrupted by friends or loud music.”

NDNU is full of places to study and excel. For additional help the Tutoring Center and Writing Center are available on campus as well as professors that are eager to aid anyone that seeks help.

Good luck and let the countdown to spring break begin!


(Left) Angelica Perales, Sophomore
(Right) Vernice Rojas, Junior Photo credit: Dominique Tarrant

Angelica Perales and Verenice Rojas gather together in the NDNU Library to prepare for midterms on February 26th.

Studying In Dorms

Madeline Dub Photo credit: Dominique Tarrant

Madeline Dub focuses on her homework in her Newhall room on February 25th.

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