Sock Style

A sense of style is present when it comes to what kind of socks someone can wear. Everyone has their own style, swagger and preference when it comes to someone’s “sock game” or could have no preference or style. Everyone is different but one NDNU student in perticular, Jacqueline Harper, has her own style and collection of socks. Most people will say that her sock game is “strong” and is definitely one of a kind. Harper has a large array of socks that includes different brands, colors, patterns, materials, you name it. Some of the brands she has are Nike, Oakley, Under Armour, Asics, and list goes on. Her preferred brands are Nike, Oakley, and Stance because of the “designs that they have and the material.” She also has socks are are very colorful, have different patterns on them like stripes, solid colors as well, and even has a few super hero socks which include Spiderman and Superman. Some of the different material socks that she has in her collection are stretchy kinds and one of her favorites which are the fluffy kind. Her sock game seems to be untouchable compared to many. A wide variety of socks not only “makes an outfit” but also gives a person a sense of individuality and also makes a person unique. At any given day you can see Harper rocking an awesome pair of socks.

“Cool socks make you feel coo.”

– Jacqueline Harper

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