Associated NDNU Students Vice President, Bette Maisel, calls together the Student Senate to discuss club proposals and events on campus on February 24th in Cuvilly 9.

Maisel calls the meeting to order and has the agenda and previous minutes approved. She then calls the Bonner Leader Program representatives to the stand. The Bonner’s are proposing for $1,000 to cover 300 shirts for the 300 students expected to attend Call to Action Day on March 26th. The Bonners stated that the shirts would be fair trade and available for students that are participating in Call To Action in the quad before groups are sent to designated sites. The voting for approval or denial for this proposition will take place next week at the next senate meeting.

Next on the agenda, was the Bonner’s proposal for the Open Book Project taking place on April 21st from 10:30-2:30 in Ralston Hall and the NDNU Library. The Open Book Project provides the opportunity for students and faculty to volunteer to help Bellair Elementary increase the number of books and level of reading for Bellair students. The Bonner’s request $500 to put back into the Bellair Library. This proposal was immediately approved by the student senate.

Upcoming Events and Announcements:

  • Quincy McCary of the NDNU library invites students and faculty to speak on camera expressing their opinions about the library. The video is expected to be 20 minutes long and McCary is seeking 8-12 students.
  • Sophomore Success is offering transportation for the Stanford vs OSU basketball game on Thursday, February 26th. Sign-Ups are available at the Student Life and Leadership Office.

The student senate adjourned at 5:36.

Student Senate Meeting

Vice-President: Bette Maisel in the fair left
Secretary: Megan Sosnick siting center Photo credit: Dominique Tarrant

Secretary of ASNDNU, Megan Sosnick, begins writing the agenda at the Student Senate meeting in Cuvilly 9 on February 24th.

Student Senate Meeting

The senate meets to discuss club proposals and campus events Photo credit: Dominique Tarrant

Members of the student senate gather in Cuvilly 9 as the meeting begins on February 24th.

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