Things to Consider this Lenten Season

As February comes to a close, students at Notre Dame de Namur University enter the Lenten season with high hopes and determination. Like many, students take this time of year to reflect and make sacrifices for the next 40 days. Though not everyone is religious, students of all ages and beliefs have taken this opportunity to inspire a time of change. If you have not already set an objective for this Lenten Season, here are a few goals that your fellow NDNU students have pledged:

Less Sugar- While the cafeteria has several healthy options, students often look over the fruit and go straight for the sugar cereal or array of daily donuts. Instead of eating so much sugar, just try substituting one sweet for a piece of fruit of a serving vegetables each day. The cafeteria has fresh fruit and vegetable sticks available daily, and everyone wants their body to look good for Spring Break anyways.

Drop the Fast Food- Even though most fast food places do have some healthy options, it is still very tempting to get “the usual” and ignore the salad or fruit substitutions. Plus, most fast food chains are a little bit of a drive from campus. Save yourself the parking spot and the gas money and just try the healthy options available on campus.

Physical TLC- Lent is not just about giving things up, but also about getting into better habits. Working out is always a great way to relieve stress and keep your body healthy. But maybe working out is not your cup of tea. Easy fix: go on walks on nearby trails like Waterdog Park, located just a few minutes from campus. Or even just get outside and do some physical activity like playing Frisbee or riding a scooter.

Social Media Cleanse- Everyone knows social media can be your best and worst enemy. Imagine a life without worrying who is posting what and stressing about what your #ThrowbackThursday post will be. Lent is the perfect time to put those phones and laptops down and make some real memories that do not require a filter or the perfect caption.

Think Before you Speak- It is 2015 and we are all in college. This is a very small school, as we have come to know very well, and it is about time everyone just grows up. Stop talking bad about people, it is as simple as that. It gets you nowhere and honestly just looks bad on yourself. This Lenten season several people have promised to try and speak words of respect instead of telling lies and spreading rumors. This might possibly be the best pledge people our age can make. Plus, Karma is not such a big fan of gossipers so just make an effort to do yourself a favor and keep it classy NDNU.

All in all, Lent is a time for positive change. You do not need to be religious to transform your way of life, and you surely do not need to limit yourself to just 40 days. Even though the saying has been over used, we really do only have one life. If you want to modify the way you run it, then do it. No one has to know and no one has the right to judge you. Take advantage of the time and youth you have and do not waste a single second.

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