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Notre Dame de Namur offers a number of resources for students so that they may excel in whatever it is they choose to pursue in the future. The English department in particular helps foster not only those majoring in english but any students that show an interest in literature and culture. Creative Writers Series is an opportunity for students to listen and witness, first hand, successful writers who read from their publishings and speak about writing.

Having successful writers gives the students of Notre Dame a type of role model if they plan to continue with their writing passion. In addition, the pieces that are read aloud are pieces that have been through the process of repeated editing and have passed the requirements necessary for the piece to be published and distributed. Freshman english major, Margaret Billingsley attends creative writing series whenever time allows in the hopes that she may one day be a successful writer.

“Hearing the creative writers really inspires me. I want to be in their shoes one day and so, I like to hear whatever advice or any methods they use so that I could improve. I think that it’s important to not lose sight of your goals and going to these helps me with that,” said Billingsley.

Attending the creative writing series also provides incentives for students like freshman Jermaine Monroe who received extra credit after listening to the speakers.

“Even though it was for extra credit, it was one of the first meetings I have went to that was actually interesting. I would recommend for more students to come if they want to be better writers because the writers show you what it takes,”Monroe said.

There are plenty of additional resources on campus that can help with writing. These resources include faculty, the tutoring center, and the writing center. The writing center offers editing and guidance for those that are struggling or those that are attempting to perfect any type of writing assignment.

Events and Activities offered by the English Department:

  • Creative Writers’ Series, featuring well-known writers who read from their works at the Wiegand Gallery
  • The Bohemian readings, when students read their works published in NDNU’s literary magazine, winner of the 2006 California College Media Competition
  • English Department Party, an annual spring gathering of faculty and students
  • Senior Seminar Presentations, when graduating seniors give oral presentations of their theses projects
  • Seminar in Humanities, a week-long summer workshop designed for teachers and future teachers of English
  • Shakespeare in Ashland, a week-long experience of great Shakespeare plays in the company of NDNU English teachers

For further information about these events, contact the English Department at

Margaret Billingsley

Margaret Billingsley cannot help but smile when she is speaking about the creative writing series in her dorm room. Photo credit: Dominique Tarrant

Freshman Margaret Billingley speaks positively about the creative writing series in her dorm in Saint Josephs Hall on March 4, 2015.

Jermaine Monroe

Jermaine Monroe thinks back to his experience with the creative writing series in the library. Photo credit: Dominique Tarrant

Freshman Jermaine Monroe thinks back to his experience with the creative writing series as he begins doing his homework in the NDNU library on March 4, 2015.

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