Senate Meeting

On March 3, 2015, Notre Dame de Namur students gathered for the weekly Student Senate Meeting. Though many students were present, the tone was quiet and focused. As the meeting began, all attention was set on the front of the classroom. As most know, ASNDNU has long been deciding upon a new logo for quite some time. After many variations and several votes, the selection is finally down to just six options. The room voiced their opinions and it seems as though almost everyone was in agreement on one particular design, also favored by staff.

Every year, NDNU releases a tribute to student artists in the form of a small book called, “The Bohemian.” This little book is packed with literature and art, all NDNU work. This year, The Bohemian has decided to pitch a new idea: an edition printed completely in color. Traditionally, each volume has been fully printed in black and white in years past. In hopes of selling more copies and raising more money, The Bohemian decided to ask for a budget raise in order to do so. The request was approximately $1400 and will cover the complete cost of all colored pages. The release party for this year’s edition will be on April 9 from 6p.m. until 8p.m. The first 30 people to purchase the book will receive chocolate truffles for their donation to the cause. The event will be held on Saint Joseph’s first floor lounge and all NDNU students are encouraged to attend and show their support.

WASC will be coming to campus soon to interview students on what they think about NDNU. They have already completed their off sight review in October and will be holding individual meetings with any student who shows up. Meetings do not have to be scheduled, but it will be first come, first serve. It is yet to be decided where the location of these meetings will be held. As of now, it is predicted to be in the library, but it is still subject to change. If students are interested, WASC meetings will be on March 25 at 4:30p.m. Students are encouraged to be honest and respectful, as these WASC visits are very important.

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