Ways to Help with Procrastination

Procrastination is the mortal enemy of a college simpleton. Before you know it, it has a toehold on your life and your motivation is shot. Many know the recipe that straight-A students have mastered but unfortunately procrastination gets in the way of said recipe. So how does one tackle the P-word? Here are some ways you can kick your procrastination habit.

1. Recharge your battery: Sleep is very important and underrated. Many procrastinators have found that late night hours are a great time to dole out some work. Instead of cranking out that last minute essay, late nights should be dedicated to sleep.

2. Find a partner: Finding a friend to depend on you might be a challenge as a procrastinator. But once you have someone to give you that extra push, some find it easier to get work done when others are involved.

3. One bite at a time: Break tasks into separate pieces. It may seem like obvious or simple advise, but breaking apart a project into different pieces and completing them at different times, is sound advise and very effective.

4. Listen to music: Not just any music. Music works differently for certain people. Find the genre that will get you pumped to work! Classical music can motivate some to zone in and focus on certain subjects. 80’s tunes is fun and upbeat and can be used as great pick-me-ups for that can give you the energy needed for homework.

5. Delegate your work. If you have tasks that require fieldwork, research or other parts that you need to physically perform, ask a friend or your group to do some of the work. Getting others to do some of the work or others to help you take some things off your plate is a great way to relieve some of the stress and avoid procrastination.

6. Prioritize: Making a list is a great way to organize yourself and figure out what requires immediate attention. Many find themselves procrastinating because they find that certain tasks are not that important. This is a common trap that many fall into. Feeling that some tasks are not important can lead to either putting that assignment off or blowing it off all together. All tasks are important and prioritizing is crucial. Don’t let things hang over your head. 

“I used to procrastinate in high school, but once I got into college I found that my classes required me to organize myself. I do not leave anything to last minute anymore,” said NDNU student Linsey Almassey.

Knowing yourself and understanding what makes you function is very important. Although it may seem quite obvious, not procrastinating is very beneficial.

“It’s a personal thing. I refuse to procrastinate. I understand the consequences and I have been trained since high school to not procrastinate,” said NDNU student Teija Evans.

Most people mismanage their time and find that they are unable to handle a social, professional and academic lifestyle. But with proper organization and almost no procrastination, juggling all of the above is very possible.

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