Remembering Blick

Saturday Feb. 21, 2015 at Santa Clara University, the Argonauts went toe to toe with the Broncos in pursuit of winning the Wavy Cup. The night’s game was not only to put the players to the test, but also to commemorate Richard “Rick” Blick who coached at Santa Clara until his unexpected death last year.

Current Santa Clara coach, Greg Mengis, and Notre Dame de Namur University coach, Kevin Arabejo, have dedicated the night’s Memorial game in the name of Coach Blick and all he did for the programs. February 21st was specifically chosen as the Memorial game because Coach Blick’s leadership has touched both SCU and NDNU. He was not only a successful lacrosse coach for Santa Clara but previously worked as the assistant coach for NDNU. His memory lives on and the night’s game was a wonderful way to commemorate an all around great coach.

In the first half, the Argos started strong, battling back and forth with Santa Clara. The team was excited to play and moral was high, as the score clearly reflected. By the half, the Argos were only down by one, and had a lot of game left to push forward. Unfortunately, small mistakes were made and the Broncos’ lead became greater and greater.

Scoring two out of the seven goals, junior Kyle Geib explained, “we lost a couple face-offs which caused unforced turnovers. It wasn’t an individual, we fell as a team.”

With senior captain, Shane Winter and an offensive leader, Griffin Van Baush both injured, the Argonauts struggled coming back. The second half proved to be tougher than expected, as the final score was 15-7, a Bronco victory. The team was upset over to loss, but was able to join the Broncos in a post-game dinner, brought together by the memory of their coach.

Geib added, “Even though we were upset we lost, the score board didn’t reflect the meaning of the game as it was in honor of the late Rick Blick.”

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