Lady Argos Looking to Bounce Back

After having three tough losses in a row to Humboldt State University , Dixie State University and Fresno Pacific University the Lady Argos are looking to bounce at home against Azusa Pacific University. The Cougars are one of the top teams in the Pac-West and have a impressive 11-2 record. Junior Macee Broer of the Argos says “We just need to come out and play as hard as we can and make as little mistakes as possible”

The Argos started the game strong with junior striker Maritza Gomez taking it up the middle, cutting a few players off shooting it low in the bottom right corner for a goal. This gave Notre Dame the lead 1-0 with only a few minutes left in the half. A few possessions later Katelyn Rogers from Azusa Pacific scores after Stephanie Esquivel loses the ball. The game is tied at 1-1 going into half.

Sophomore Alina Martinez says “In the locker at halftime Coach BJ Noble told the team they need to stay on their marks and not overcommit to the players when they have the ball so they won’t get beat”.

Notre Dame comes out striking with a goal from Erin Banda with a beautiful assist from Macee Broer giving them the lead 2-1. The Azusa Pacific Cougars come fighting back with a goal from Mayra Almazan who dribbled through the defense and scored a goal from the top of the box. The score is tied up at 2-2 at the end of the half and has to go into overtime.

In overtime they Lady Argos had some good looks at the goals but could not seem to convert. Katelyn Rogers scores the game-wining goal for the Cougars with an assist from Mayra Almazan. Rogers finishes the game with 2 goals and leads her team to victory in overtime with the final score 3-2.

Notre Dame De Namur is looking to end their loosing streak this Saturday at home against the Point Loma University Sea Lions.

Planned Parenthood

Texas is the latest state to withdraw Medicaid funding from Planned Parenthood due to fetal tissue video scandal.


On Monday, October 19, 2015 Texas announced that it would no longer support Planned Parenthood clinics with state Medicaid funding. This, as Planned Parenthood continues to defend it’s position against the undercover videos released by Center for Medical Progress, which attempt to claim that they caught top Planned Parenthood doctors in the act of selling fetal tissue research donations for profit. Currently, it is prohibited to profit from the sale of fetal organs, limbs, or other tissue by federal law. The only fees permissible are in exchange for things like transportation, processing, storage and internal administrative of personnel; and the mothers’ permission is required. The Center for Medical Progress asserts that in Planned Parenthood partnering with Stem Express, the research center that receives the fetal tissue, that both organizations profit through this partnership. Therefore, of course they would defend each other’s positions in this scandal.


In the midst of the investigation by Congress into whether or not Planned Parenthood has violated any laws, now several states are conducting their own inquiries on the issue; attempting to strip Planned Parenthood of state funding of the non-profit organization. Texas is the most recent state to follow suit denying taxpayers’ money to fund the non-profit, which survives on private donations, state, and federal funding to sustain their services.


“Texas was always going to withdraw funding from Planned Parenthood, just as several other Republican-controlled states already have. This was just a convenient excuse. The problem however is that millions of women rely on PP for basic health services, and now they have nowhere to go. Their action is stupid, regressive, politically motivated, and hurts the most vulnerable people in their state,”
comments NDNU Professor of Communications Studies, Richard Rossi. The other states that are attempting to withdraw funding are Alabama, Louisiana, Utah, and New Hampshire. Originally 13 states conducted investigations, some of which have cleared Planned Parenthood of any wrongdoing.


“I don’t blame the other states for withdrawing funding because that doesn’t sound right, but hopefully there’s further investigation since this is recent.” Renae Roque, NDNU student.


Currently, congress gives more than $500 million a year in funding to the organization, which provides low-cost family planning, and various health services to low-income families across the nation.


When asking our local NDNU community to weigh in on this issue,“When it comes to Planned Parenthood, I really believe it’s a great resource for women and men. In a way, I guess the biggest thing I can say is it’s unfair. There’s a lot of people that need that help- they don’t have insurance and Planned Parenthood has a lot of resources available for them.”Senior Notre Dame de Namur student Danielle Rubin said.

She adds, “No one should have the right to judge someone and tell them they can’t use Planned Parenthood because of their beliefs.”


To many, this is a moral or ethical debate, especially since the videos depict doctors speaking on a very scientific and non-attached level about aborted fetal organs/tissue. This has proved disturbing to even those who are pro-abortion as the information is graphic and the tone, matter of fact. In defense, Planned Parenthood maintains it’s innocence and states that the videos released are heavily edited, and they have done nothing illegally.


“I think the videos were appalling and stupid. They were so poorly doctored that it was easy to prove they were fraudulent. CNN destroyed the producer of the films in a series of interviews. Turns out they weren’t showing aborted fetuses – they stole one of the images off some poor woman’s Facebook page – and they weren’t shot at PP clinics,” Richard Rossi, NDNU professor.


For now, the battle for funding continues. Planned Parenthood has moving forward, adopted the policy to not take any money in exchange for even administrative costs of donating fetal tissues for research.








Best of Oktoberfest-Homecoming 2015

On October 9 & 10, NDNU kicked off the year with Homecoming 2015. On Friday, students and staff danced on the Gellert Library Lawn to the best of rock and pop, performed by local Bay Area dance party band Rewind. The musicians did a marvelous job, playing retro and modern tunes such as Michael Jackson’s Thriller and PSY’s Gangnam Style.

While the first night started off well, the next day was even more exciting, as alumni, faculty, and students, rocked out to the live vibes of local band Fractured Hans, which played classic tunes like The B-52’s Love Shack and Lynrd Skynyrd’s Sweet Home Alabama. All the while, attendees received fine catering from the campus’ very own Bon Appétit, which provided delicious salads and mouth-watering burgers.

The drinks for the Biergarten were provided by San Francisco based brewing company Armstrong Brewery, represented by NDNU alumni and Armstrong team member Jason Cardoso, who stated that the feature drinks for the event included “chocolate and coffee flavored beers such as South City Brown and 415 Fog,” some of the brewery’s finest and most popular beverages.

During this time, the main event was the NDNU Iron Chef Competition between the Belmont Fire and Police Departments, in which both teams were instructed by Elizabeth Valente, Director of Alumni and Parent Relations and MC for Homecoming, to grill up “the best of Oktoberfest”, where either side was told to prepare “bratwurst, their choice of mixed vegetables…[and a special] dessert.”

For this year’s competition, the Police Department, consisting of several NDNU alumni, cooked up a savory sausage, saucy zucchini and a scrumptious s’mores brownie drizzled with caramel, while the Fire Department grilled a sweet sausage, seasoned onions and glazed apples topped with caramel and nuts.   While the Police Department had absolutely delicious dishes, the Fire Department took the lead and won the competition.

Throughout the course of the main events on the lawn, the athletics department held two soccer games at Koret Field, where the women’s soccer and men’s soccer teams went up against Dominican University of California at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. respectively. As stated on the NDNU Athletics website, while the “Dominican comeback [sank our female] Argonauts… the huge second half [of the second game propelled our male] Argos to victory.”

After the Homecoming Day Athletic Events, the Golden Jubilee Wine & Cheese Reception was held from 3-4 p.m in the Taube center, where the event was focused on mainly honoring the Class of 1965 with fine wine and handcrafted cheeses. Soon after the reception, there was a Community Mass held in Cunningham Memorial Chapel at 4 p.m. to bridge into a peaceful and reflective evening.

To round off the night, the NDNU Theatre & Dance department put on a complimentary performance of Picasso at the Lapin Agile at 7:30 p.m., a comedic show written by famous actor Steve Martin, that “imagines a comical encounter between the young Pablo Picasso and Albert Einstein,” as detailed in the NDNU Theatre and Dance Performance Calendar.

Elizabeth Valente, Director of Alumni and Parent Relations and MC for Homecoming, had these final words for the Argonaut’s readers: “Join in on the fun! Homecoming is for everyone, on campus, off campus…to have fun, and [the alumni] themselves to always remember their alma mater and make memories. That is what it’s all about.”


Safety or Hazard?

Monday, September 14, 2015- On Wednesday on September 9th, Resident Assistants reported to Kenneth Blackwell, Director of Public Safety, that a fire alarm was going off on the first floor, coming from West 12- the fire panel noted nothing out of the ordinary and let the fire department know to cancel the request.

Shortly after 10pm, the same fire alarm was reset. At 10:48, the fire alarm went off for a third time due to a failed thermal heat detector. Ryan Martini, Facilities Director, called to have the technician to replace the faulty part. Semans, the security company contracted to NDNU, sent out a technician at 12:50am to repair the heat sensor detector. The students were evacuated before housing received the official clearance from the fire department per standard procedure- according to Kenneth Blackwell. There are 8 rooms in New Hall with strobe lights in the ADA disability rooms, one of those students Gerlinda Herring, suffered a severe panic attack due to a strobe light going off in her room.

“ It [the fire alarm] is right above my head where I sleep, when it went off. I was paralyzed with fear. I couldn’t breathe, I was afraid to go outside my room. I had to text one of my friends to come over and help me because of the overwhelming anxiety it caused me.” Gerlinda set a meeting with the Dean of Students, Dean Jean; on the matter of moving her from her current room now into a room that does not have a strobe light- Herring’s request has been approved.

“The fire alarms are sensitive enough to be set off by the steam of a shower in some cases.” said Blackwell. It is still unclear though whether students who currently live in rooms with strobe lights will be able to be re assigned due to lack of housing availability in new hall.

Taize for Healing

During the months of September, October and November, the Notre Dame de Namur University Office of Spirituality will be collaborating with the Good Shepherd Episcopal Church, located here in Belmont, to host community Taizé prayer services.

Taizé, pronounced tay-zay, is a form of prayer that originated in France in 1940. Although originally intended for young people, Taizé is practiced by people of all ages around the world. Over the years, Taizé transformed itself into an entire movement dedicated to peace and justice through prayer, meditation, and song.

Amy Jobin, the Director of Spirituality at NDNU, teamed up with the Reverend of Good Shepherd to put on the Taizé prayer services. She and the church welcome and encourage all to attend the services. Jobin stated that we live in a very fast world and while our schedules can be very hectic, it is important that we take the time to give ourselves a break. “That is one way they find healing and calm in a busy world,” said Jobin when discussing why people practice Taizé. “All day long, we are constantly building up and building up, as we are pushing and striving towards our goals. Meditation and contemplative prayer gives us the time to allow ourselves to deconstruct as we reflect on our lives,” said Jobin.

Along with a few other religion and philosophy classes, the Challenged by Christian Ethics class taught by Dr. Hamilton here on campus will be providing some of the art for the Taize services at Good Shepherd. Jobin contacted Dr. Hamilton to organize this art project. In order to educate the students on Taize and the beautiful artwork that goes with it, Jobin attended one of Dr. Hamilton’s class sessions.

Art is significant in the practice of Taize, as it gives followers a source of inspiration. Typical Taize art features a person who represents a positive archetype. The person can be anyone deemed inspirational, from a saint to a leader, such as Martin Luther King Jr., to one’s grandmother. The art presented in this article is of Sister Dorothy Stang of NDNU, who was killed in Brazil during her attempts to save the Amazon Rainforest.

The Taizé services at Good Shepherd reflect a community led prayer with no particular leader. Each service begins with singing, led by musicians, followed by the reading of Scripture. After, there is a ten to fifteen minute period of quiet meditation and lastly, the service ends with prayer. These services, held every third Wednesday of each month at Good Shepherd, start at 7:30 pm and last one hour. Good Shepherd is located at 1300 5th Avenue in Belmont. It is recommended that students who want to attend the services meet on campus and drive to the church together.

Argo Tailgate

On Saturday afternoon the first annual Argos tailgate kicked off. Notre Dame De Namurs womens volleyball team began conference play against Academy of Art University. The NDNU programming board decided to put together a tailgate to help raise awareness and support for their first conference game.

The Lady Argos are off to their best start in school history with a record of 4-4. Leading the Argos is Junior Dominique Tarrant, who was just named Pac-West player of the week.

At the start of the tailgate there were only 30 student present. But the closer it got to game time more students arrived. Ive never seen the programming board set up an event supporting athletics, said senior Andrew Prather.

The programming board also gave away free food and drinks at the event. The smell of the barbecue had many students rushing to be first in line.

There were sandwiches available for students who dont prefer barbecue. In addition, there was a raffle for those who attended to win a Footlocker gift card. We wanted to try something different to bring together the whole school and not just athletes,said programming board member Aysia Calugay. This was the schools first attempt of supporting one of the sports teams on a big upcoming game.

NDNU senior soccer player Jack Ewet, explains it was awesome to see our school attempting something new to support our sports teams. In the past, It seems as if they were never any announcements to the student body letting them know their was a big game coming up.

It was great see everyone supporting us at our game. I believe it helped us get the win, said Junior volleyball player Dominique Tarrant. The team pulled out a great victory sweeping Academy of the Arts 3-0. Next the Lady Argos go on a tough road trip facing Dixie State, Azusa Pacifica, and Concordia University.


The Local Pub Awaits You

With 39 beers on tap and live entertainment, St. James Gate Pub & Restaurant in Belmont is the place you’ve been looking for to kick back when you feel like there’s nothing to do in town.

They are located on Old Country Road in Belmont, just one mile away from the NDNU campus.

St. James Gate has a laid back environment but is not a typical dive bar. They’re serving a wide variety of American pub food with starters like bacon wrapped tater tots. Traditional bar food such as burgers, salads and sandwiches can also all be found on their menu. With a large beer draft beer selection and a full bar, you can be sure St. James Gate bartenders can pour up your favorite alcoholic beverage.

Inside there is a full bar, small dance floor and a billiards room. There is also an outside patio with gas fire pits, a ping pong table and a second bar. TV’s surround the bars both inside and out, ideal for watching a game.


You can catch a live band playing on most weekend nights, cover charges can vary but is usually $5 after 8PM when there is live entertainment. Salsa Night is every Sunday from 4:30-9PM with a $12 cover, they’re even giving free lessons on how to dance salsa, merengue and bachata. If you’re into singing more than you are dancing, drop in for Karaoke Night every Wednesday from 9:30PM-1:30AM.

St. James Gate hours are Monday through Tuesday from 11AM-12AM and Wednesday through Sunday from 11AM-2AM.