Best of Oktoberfest-Homecoming 2015

On October 9 & 10, NDNU kicked off the year with Homecoming 2015. On Friday, students and staff danced on the Gellert Library Lawn to the best of rock and pop, performed by local Bay Area dance party band Rewind. The musicians did a marvelous job, playing retro and modern tunes such as Michael Jackson’s Thriller and PSY’s Gangnam Style.

While the first night started off well, the next day was even more exciting, as alumni, faculty, and students, rocked out to the live vibes of local band Fractured Hans, which played classic tunes like The B-52’s Love Shack and Lynrd Skynyrd’s Sweet Home Alabama. All the while, attendees received fine catering from the campus’ very own Bon Appétit, which provided delicious salads and mouth-watering burgers.

The drinks for the Biergarten were provided by San Francisco based brewing company Armstrong Brewery, represented by NDNU alumni and Armstrong team member Jason Cardoso, who stated that the feature drinks for the event included “chocolate and coffee flavored beers such as South City Brown and 415 Fog,” some of the brewery’s finest and most popular beverages.

During this time, the main event was the NDNU Iron Chef Competition between the Belmont Fire and Police Departments, in which both teams were instructed by Elizabeth Valente, Director of Alumni and Parent Relations and MC for Homecoming, to grill up “the best of Oktoberfest”, where either side was told to prepare “bratwurst, their choice of mixed vegetables…[and a special] dessert.”

For this year’s competition, the Police Department, consisting of several NDNU alumni, cooked up a savory sausage, saucy zucchini and a scrumptious s’mores brownie drizzled with caramel, while the Fire Department grilled a sweet sausage, seasoned onions and glazed apples topped with caramel and nuts.   While the Police Department had absolutely delicious dishes, the Fire Department took the lead and won the competition.

Throughout the course of the main events on the lawn, the athletics department held two soccer games at Koret Field, where the women’s soccer and men’s soccer teams went up against Dominican University of California at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. respectively. As stated on the NDNU Athletics website, while the “Dominican comeback [sank our female] Argonauts… the huge second half [of the second game propelled our male] Argos to victory.”

After the Homecoming Day Athletic Events, the Golden Jubilee Wine & Cheese Reception was held from 3-4 p.m in the Taube center, where the event was focused on mainly honoring the Class of 1965 with fine wine and handcrafted cheeses. Soon after the reception, there was a Community Mass held in Cunningham Memorial Chapel at 4 p.m. to bridge into a peaceful and reflective evening.

To round off the night, the NDNU Theatre & Dance department put on a complimentary performance of Picasso at the Lapin Agile at 7:30 p.m., a comedic show written by famous actor Steve Martin, that “imagines a comical encounter between the young Pablo Picasso and Albert Einstein,” as detailed in the NDNU Theatre and Dance Performance Calendar.

Elizabeth Valente, Director of Alumni and Parent Relations and MC for Homecoming, had these final words for the Argonaut’s readers: “Join in on the fun! Homecoming is for everyone, on campus, off campus…to have fun, and [the alumni] themselves to always remember their alma mater and make memories. That is what it’s all about.”


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