Belmont City Council

election2015_logo_2The Belmont City Council elections will be held on on Thursday November 3, 2015. There are two seats out of five up for election, plus City Clerk and City Treasurer positions. The individuals who’s terms are expiring soon include; Mayor David Braunstein, Council member Cathy Wright, City Clerk Terri Cook and Treasurer John Violet.

Listening to our neighborhoods and building thoughtful consensus is what our City Council must do, and I will use my expertise in municipal issues to help us find common ground, candidate Doug Kim said.We deserve no less and Im committed to building a better Belmont that preserves our unique way of life and makes a great City even better.

Kim is a transportation/environmental planner. He is committed to creating a supportive environment within the City Council and wants the neighborhoods in Belmont to speak their minds so they can all work together. Also running for this election; Dwight Looi a Director/Product Development. He also has many ideas for improving the city of Belmont. Looi wants to look at the traffic congestion on Ralston Ave and see if improvements can be made, he will stand against ethnic and racial quotaswith employment, practice financial responsibility without making property taxes go up and much more. The third candidate running is Davina Hurt; Mother/Attorney/ City Commissioner. If elected she plans on improving the buildings, sewers and streets of Belmont. Hurt also wants to expand and improve the parks and recreation areas and is dedicated to making sure the fire and police departments remain successful.

I will balance the overall needs of the community with the rights of each Belmont resident; and I will always believe in the power of coming together to make good things happen,Hurt said.

This election will be the first countywide all-mailed ballot for a consolidated town, school and Special District Election. This is the result of AB 2028 passed in 2014.

San Mateo County’s pilot program will provide a unique opportunity for all jurisdictions in our County to increase voter registration and participation while substantially reducing the costs of conducting local elections,said Mark Church, Chief Elections Officer & Assessor-County Clerk-Recorder.

Get Your Grub

In recent years, NDNU residents have begun to discuss the lack of creativity and spontaneity in the cafeteria’s dish selection. While the menu is meant to appeal to a wide variety of cultures and food preferences such as vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free, residents have started to grow tired of the same dishes day after day, arguing that the “food is not as diverse as the student body,” as stated by resident assistant and upperclassman Angelica Perales.

Although the cafeteria supervisor, Susan Mamlok, bases the variety of dishes on ingredients available in the local area, she stated that the menu is “mainly prepared based on the needs of board students” and prices the dishes to accommodate the student meal plans and stay in competition with local food providers.

Despite the fact that a decent portion of the three main parties on campus, including residents, commuters and faculty, agree that the quality of the food is much higher compared to surrounding schools, residents argues that now is the time for change in the cafeteria menu.

After speaking to several residents, commuters and faculty, two suggestions came up in the discussions.

First, students recommended having special days to reinvigorate the student body’s interest in the café, such as Taco Tuesdays, where Latino cuisine such as plataño, fish tacos and carnitas burritos are served for certain meals, or Spaghetti Night Fridays, where students can enjoy freshly-prepared garlic bread, pasta and caesar salads for evening meals.

Many also suggested inviting local restaurants, such as Mr. Pickle’s Sandwich Shop and Curry Up Now, to sell their products on campus on select days and give back to both the retail and academic communities. For those who want to contribute to the cafeteria’s development, Susan Mamlok has provided a suggestion box for the student body and faculty to recommend dishes and ideas to further advance the high quality of the food and services offered by Bon Appétit.

The NDNU Dining Hall eagerly awaits the dinner rush in Belmont, California on Monday, Oct. 5th, 2015. (AP Photo/James Hargrave)

The NDNU Dining Hall eagerly awaits the dinner rush in Belmont, California on Monday, Oct. 5th, 2015. (AP Photo/James Hargrave)