9 Places You Didn’t Know Existed

Avery's Pictures Pt. Reyes Shipwreck (1) Martins Beach Abandoned School Abandoned Roundhouse Abandoned Factory 1989 Abandoned Davenport Pier Abandoned Bowling Alley

Deep within the magnificent city of San Francisco are a number of abandoned buildings. This is the inside an abandoned factory shut down due to the 1989 earthquake. Deemed unsafe to operate in the factory closed and has since become an underground gallery for local street artists and photographers to explore and play in. Be careful though it’s full of rust and you might want a tetanus shot.

On an abandoned naval base island rests an abandoned school. Very difficult to enter and guarded by security this school is filled with incredible street art you would only be able to see if you gained entry to this secret location.

On a beach hidden among the many “Half Moon Bay” beaches is, Martins Beach. A locally private beach with local pedestrian access only, sits an incredible pyramid rock in the ocean perfect for any sunset or long exposure photography. Don’t go without permission from the locals because it is technically a private beach.

The once beloved Point Reyes Shipwreck recently burned due to irresponsible photography done by a street photographer. Up until then a shipwrecked boat laid stuck in the ground in Point Reyes, CA. Once a beautifully wrecked ship perfect for photography is now half burnt down.

Sam Abdul, a community college student from San Bruno said, “I like to do steel wool photography, but I am smart enough to know where and when to do it.”

Driving down the Cabrillo Highway you can find a man made Skate Park on the side of the highway in Davenport, CA. Filled with ever-changing graffiti and new ramp additions it is unknown who built this beauty, but it is hidden along the highway for anyone to skate or hangout in. It also has beautiful views of the coast with new beautiful graffiti.

If you were unaware that Davenport, CA once had a pier its probably because it doesn’t exist anymore and there are only ruins of the supports that remain in the water. Very difficult to get down to people have taken it upon themselves to spray paint the supports and even go as far to add a swing. Although photographed here without a swing, either locals or city officials often cover up the abandoned piers graffiti.

Ted Peterson, a local Carlmont High student said, “It is difficult to get down to the pier, there is no legit walkway, but I’ve done it before without sustaining any injuries.”

Hidden away in the streets of San Francisco hides a abandoned bowling alley sitting

right next to a Fire Department. Very difficult to gain access to because it is constantly boarded up by local police this is a must find for any true urban explorer. Illegal to enter and very difficult this is somewhere you don’t want to get caught entering.

On a fairly empty Bay Area Island are identical roundhouse buildings that once housed the families of local military. Set to be torn down and renovated these buildings have been used as an underground gallery for local street artists and photographer for the past two years.

Deep in the Bay Area hides an abandoned warehouse filled with some of the bay areas most famous street artists and taggers. A popular spot for local photographers this warehouse is filled with incredible artwork you would never be able to see anywhere else. Illegal and difficult to enter this warehouse is often boarded up and watched by local law enforcement.

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