Flask Mob

Every month photographers take over the streets of San Francisco as a group known as flask mob. You can find them blasting music while fireworks and smoke bombs are taking over downtown. They gather by the hundreds, with people of all ages from teens to adults. They gather from all over the area, getting there anyway they can. When the hundreds of people gather up, the mob begins to move as if it was a riot forming.

The event first started in San Francisco as a monthly nighttime photo walk in 2013. However, with the help of social media this small intimate gathering blew up and became a photography meet up that turned into an overnight sensation for urban adventurers and photographers. Since the start, flask mob has gained a thousands of followers making it possible to host events in Los Angeles. The event is built around the idea of giving photographers a new way to create and collaborate together. Flask mob is similar to a flash mob, which is a public gathering where people perform unusual or random acts. The main difference is this event just involves photographers, with the goal of taking over areas of the city to do crazy things such as, fire breathing, and fireworks.

 “After attending my first flask mob I have been dreaming of the next! I have learned so much about creativity through this event, and have met some great friends along the way,” said Sam Byer, a Bay Area photographer.

 This event happens once a month, sometimes every other month depending on how much police react to the previous event. The whole idea behind how it takes place is people gather in a certain area of the city, and then later roam the streets as a large group. The first official event had close to a hundred attendees, it has grown bigger and bigger since then, thanks to socials media sites such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.

 “For me, flask mob is more than just an event that gets people together. I think of flask mob as a family of people who all share the same passion of creating art,” said Richard Sampson a photographer from the Bay Area

 The event grew so much attention on the Internet since the start that people would drive all the way from Los Angeles just for that nighttime experience. After a few meetups in San Francisco, the event started happening in Los Angeles every other month.

 “After hearing about this event it definitely seems like something I would like to attend. I think this would be a great opportunity for me to network with people who are also into photography,” said Kevin Yeh a senior at NDNU

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