Turn On The Lights

These past few years, NDNU’s athletic field, Koret Field, has been unpleasing to athletes, coaches, and spectators. There are some issues that disrupt the overall experience of the Koret field, such as the lack of lights on the field. Lights would be an ideal asset to several of the people who use the field, but this is merely an issue with the Belmont City Counsel, who disapproves of the idea of putting stadium lights on Koret field.

The Conditional Use Permit, also known as the CUP, is a constitution that sets rules on specific times that the field can be used. Currently, the CUP says that the field cannot be used after dusk. But essentially, if there were lights, then this rule could be changed. There are rules implanted amongst the athletic teams that they can only practice at certain times; this ties into the initial ideal field that would be equipped with field lights so that there can be later games, practices, and even school events.

“Consent through the city would be extremely difficult. They are against it (which were regarding noise and neighbors aren’t supportive of the addition of lights on the field) – but it would help out the school tremendously.” Said Josh Doody, NDNU’s head of the athletic department.

If the Koret Field had lights, then the CUP could be modified, but the field does not even have lights therefor nothing can be fixed about the matter as of now. There is a lack of lights due to Belmont’s city council. Josh Doody also provided information that he city of Belmont does not approve of the idea of the field having lights. It was understood that the Belmont community believes that the lights will be disruptive in Belmont.

Many of the athletes that use the field would prefer to have lights. If there were lights, then there could be evening games, which could potentially result in many more students coming to sports games. If the field did have lights, then there is a possible opportunity to receive more recognition from people who don’t even know NDNU exists.

“As a student athlete, it would only be beneficial to have evening games so students aren’t consistently missing classes periodically through the day.” Said Macee Broer, junior student athlete of NDNU.

It has been understood that if the city of Belmont allowed lights on the field, then the entire view of the field and the games would be much more ideal for school sports teams – weather wise as well as making it at more of an available time for students and teachers to come out to sporting events.

“Lights would be ideal to an athletic environment; Having usage of the lights would change a lot.” Said BJ Noble, head coach of NDNU’s Men’s and Women’s soccer teams.

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