Students React to the Election Results

While it can be agreed that the 2016 election was crazy, it was also historic. With the Republicans back in office, Donald Trump will be the nation’s new president. Trump beat Hillary Clinton’s 228 electoral votes with 279 electoral votes. Now, for the next four years, the United States of America will be led by Donald Trump.

The two candidates were neck and neck the entire voting process. With most of the nation seeming to be backing Hillary. While the email scandal hindered some away from her campaign, she still fought until the end. Hillary still made an impact on her voters with a powerful concession speech by urging everyone to go into the new presidency with “an open mind” regardless of who was in charge. Clinton won the Democratic votes in California by a landslide. Californian’s are known to have an open mind and be more accepting of the Democratic party.

Teachers and students are in pain with the election results. There have been many protests and events that have been going on since November 8th. At larger schools, professors are letting their students take time off if they feel that they need to recuperate from the results. Schools are also starting to offer counseling and help for distressed students.

This support system has catered to many students. Contrary to the electoral vote winner going to the Democrats, a lot of Californians voted for Donald Trump. Andrew Kofed, a sophomore at NDNU said, “I voted for Donald Trump but I do not agree with all of his policies and some of the things he says.” Clinton won with overdouble the amount of votes than Trump.

In a recent communications class on campus, Judy Buller dedicated it to expressing her thoughts about the election and what is to come. “I want the best for all of you and for you all to have a great future.” said Buller, to her “Media in Life” class on November 9th. Tears filled her eyes as she talked about how she felt the election was wrong.

A lot of people are scared of the Donald Trump when he begins in office. His foreign policies and views on people of color, religion, and bordering countries are observed by many people and hated by most. “ In this time of national dispute, coming together is very important.” said former NDNU student Daisy Aguilar. Regardless of this quote, America is in an uproar.

Students are encouraged to voice their opinions regarding the results. There are many ways to get involved around the NDNU campus through clubs or organizations or by simply talking to someone. San Fransisco and Oakland are housing a lot of protests across the cities. Check social media to find where protests are going on if need be.

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