Call to Action Day by Sarah Reyes

Fall 2016 Call to Action Day for NDNU took place on October 11. Call to Action Day is where students from NDNU not only get the day off from class, but also the chance to participate in community service opportunities. This allows NDNU to get engaged with their community.

One of the Call to Action Day community service projects was to head down to Twin Pines Park which is located down the road from NDNU. At 8:30 in the morning students who were participating, as a group, walked down and across the road to the Parks and Recreation office of Twin Pines Park. There the Director of the Parks and Recreation Department, Jonathan Gervais, welcomed them. Before work began, Gervais took the students around to see the town hall. He wanted the students to get a “feel for what actually happens in the halls of Belmont.” Sophomore undergraduate student, Bryant Kubo, said that, “Before going down to the park, I didn’t know that there were interesting buildings down there like the town hall and the senior center.” Taking a tour around the park buildings gave the students a chance to have a feel for the environment before beginning their community service.

The main purpose of going down to the park was to take part in a watershed restoration project that was designed by the Belmont Parks and Recreation Environment. The group was split into two. The first team went off to go work at the creek. There they picked up litter that was in the water and on the sides of the creek. Kubo said that, “The best part about working in the creek was being able to make it clean again and discovering a little cave that I never would have known was there.”

The other team went to go clear a parking area that had been taken over by ivy leaves. This team pulled ivy vines and shoveled leaves to clear the area. Noah Sanchez, a sophomore undergraduate student said, “Clearing the area took way more work than I realized, but I’m glad we got a chance to help our community in a positive way.” These students then moved the cleared vines into compost trashcans. Sanchez said, “My favorite part was getting to shovel the leaves into the trash can, we were then able to see all of our progress.”

After the restoration project was complete that day the students got to take a look back on what they accomplished. “It was nice to see that we could actually notice the difference we made,” Kubo commented about looking onto the creek and parking area. The students returned to school completing their 2016 Call to Action Day.

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