Dorm Life by Jemm Magaling

NDNU requires its first year students to live on campus. A first year dorm life is crucial because it determines if a student will return or not. I interviewed students asking their opinions on dorm life and changes they would like to see.

I asked sophomore Nicole Fajardo what is like for her to live on campus. Fajardo states, “Living on campus is a fun experience because you’re living on your own away from your family, which helps you become more independent. Meeting new people and learning more about yourself are the main perks of living on campus. Another important thing is being able to be self-motivated.” Fajardo also expressed some changes she would like to see in the dorms, “Going in my second year living on campus, changed in the dorm life I would want is better wifi, more fun events, and more available parking spots for the residents.” Having better wifi in NDNU is something a lot of the students want. It is something that, not only Fajardo, but the rest of the student body want to change. It has always been a problem for students, especially residents because their learning comes to a halt when the school wifi goes down.

I also asked sophomore Jorge Segura his experience with living on campus his freshman year and changes he would like to see. He expressed, “It was hectic because I had to learn how to manage my life. Before I was what to do and when to do it. And being at the dorms meant that all would change. Also it would be great if the school were to add air conditioning in all the rooms, upgrade the sinks, and purchase newer furniture. NDNU should spoil their first year students like other schools. Because I think returning student rates say a lot about a school already.”

Sophomore Lesley Morales shared her experience living on campus, “I love living on campus because I am more involved with school events and everything that goes on, I’m always surrounded by people and always having little chats on my way to class. Some changed I would like to see is the community.” Morales also mentioned that as an RA that is something they have been working on.

It is evident that students have different experiences when living on campus. Some students even share the same desires for changes in the school. Overall the dorm life experience is different for all students at NDNU.

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