Halloween Haunt Maze by Jemm Magaling

On October 20, 2016 the Campus Programming Board held there annual Haunted Halloween Maze. This year marks the third year in a row that the Programming  Board has coordinated this event. “This year’s maze was great, it took a lot of preparation. The weather definitely messed some things up by making us change the date and pushing it back am extra week. Whenever you do that you lose attendance,” according to senior event coordinator Korey Serna. Despite the event being pushed back there was a significant amount of success according to Serna.

Students who attended this year’s event all had different opinions on the event and its success. Sophomore Lesley Morales who attended the event as a freshmen last year had this to say about this year’s maze, “The maze was really fun, I got scared and I even started crying for a bit.” When asked about what she did not enjoy about the maze Morales said, “I disliked that the people in charge of scaring were not trying their best. Many of them were over it and wanted the event to end. In my opinion thus definitely set the tone of the event.” Morales also mentioned that this year’s event was no where near as good as last years because there wasn’t as many students this year and the feeling wasn’t the same because of that. Sophomore Nate Tanada who also attended the event this year said, “I thought that the maze was fun and should be brought back next year. However, I wish the maze was a little longer and had a few more “scarers.” Overall, I believe that the maze was successful and that the students did a great job putting it

together.” Aside from only having a maze the Programming Board also provided a candy table for everyone who attended the event.

According to members of the Programming Board they will be more cautious of the weather and when to have the event. Many students complained because the event was on a Thursday. As were caught off guard and were unable to attend because they were studying for midterms. This is the third year in a row that the Programming Board has coordinated a Haunted Maze on campus.

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