Outsmarting the Cafeteria by Alexzia Gomez

There it is yet again, the horrendous café line that seemingly never moves. Barely inching its way to the front, students just cannot seem to find a way out. Is patiently waiting worth it? Could there possibly be something THAT great at the end? Students spend precious time waiting in line for a meal that feels just like the meal they had last week.

Just like several other aspects of the school, one begins to learn the tricks and trades of it all. However, learning how to get a great and better yet, different meal at the café is something one cannot pass up.

Stephen Dunn, Junior, has made a bit of a secret menu over the years and has agreed to share his just how he puts a spin on his meals from the café. Dunn has decided to start off with his beverage recommendation. “Try putting Sprite in your juice drinks” says Dunn. “Apple juice and Sprite makes a sort of cider, its great.”

Several times, the grill seems to be the better option and it helps to know just what to order. Dunn suggests the burger sandwich, “order a burger or cheeseburger but make sure to ask for it on sourdough”.

Many students make their way to Martín’s sandwich bar for lunch as the line seems to move much faster than the others. Aside from Martín’s sandwiches being a top choice for its obvious convenience and taste, Dunn has a great recommendation for making it that much better. “Sometimes I make sure to take a piece of grilled chicken and ask Martín to put it in my sandwich.” Adding grilled chicken or any meats from the grill could be a great substitution for the usual cold cuts.

Although a premade salad can be quick, making your own can be fun and rewarding. Just before finishing off your salad, try adding grilled chicken, chefs will even chop it up upon request. Aubrey Mendonca, Junior, also enjoys self-made salads with her meals but finds that thoroughly incorporating the dressing can be a little difficult unless she uses this useful hack. “After putting the dressing over top, I put an additional bowl over my salad bowl and cover it,” says Mendonca, “then I hold the sides and shake it until its all mixed.”

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