Resident Events by Samantha Perez

The housing department each month at Notre Dame de Namur encourages and holds many events for their residents to get engaged, involved and informed. All the events that are accessible to students are ran by the Ra’s (resident aid) and are also held in the evening. These events are a chance for housing to get their residents engaged and to created community at NDNU. The housing logic behind these events is so students can feel more welcome at NDNU, to meet new people, to be educated about non-academic traits, and hope that it can also better a student’s college experience.

All Ra’s throw events that may have free food, snacks, and essentials things you need as a students. Ra Karla Garcia threw a root beer float party in New Hall lounge, in which she gave any student a free root beer float on arrival. New Hall resident Junior Micah Tatas said, ” I didn’t even know there was an event, I just got off of work and someone said free root beer floats so I went it got one, if it’s free I’m in.” The only thing that is required of the students is to sign in on a sheet of paper.

Resident aid, Lesley Chavez threw an event called silent lounge, this event was based off of MTV’s Silent Library, and was help in SJ 1st lounge. This event’s purpose was to bring entertainment to the residence by the ludicrous tasks that were performed silently. Colton Cabanas a New Hall resident attended silent lounge that was held on a Wednesday, he said, “this was probably the sickest Wednesday night I’ve had ever, silent lounge was a great event, I’d for sure come next time and bring all the homies. It gives us something to do on a weekday that isn’t school work but an enjoyable fun break.” Ra Chavez intention with this event was to find an entertaining concept that residence enjoyed, the turn out complemented that.

Not all the events purpose are designed for comedic purposes. Many events are thrown to helped educate students about relationships, sexuality, politics, life. The housing department feels that it is easier to talk about these topics with your peers, ra’s, and those of your age range, rather than a professor. This year housing held the second presidential debate in campus programs office for students to come together and watch. During the debate they helped inform students who were unaware of what was going to comprehend it the right way. It also gave students who were aware, a different view of other students opinions. Junior Alina Cobain shared how it was to watch the debate with others, “this debate was sad, I’m glad I watched it in here …… hearing everyone’s opinions and thoughts really helped me to open my eyes about this election”.

There are lists up of each month’s events placed all over the NDNU campus. The housing office has the list posted by their office 24/7 or follow the housing Facebook page: Argo Residence Halls. All students and residents are welcome and encouraged by housing to attend these events.

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