School Involvement, Does it exist here? by Brooke Becton

Is it disinterest or dislike? Notre Dame de Namur University is a college with 22 on campus clubs, six student leadership organizations, 11 sports teams, and yet one important element that is lacking is school involvement. Many events and sporting events are offered on campus, but most are met with limited attendance by the student population. This is a serious issue to those who are trying to engage students to participate more with their resources and time. According to a NDNU survey 67% of students say that there are a variety of on campus activities and 33% agree that there is some involvement, but not a lot.

“School spirit is fairly low here. Our school has cool events, but no one wants to participate,” says NDNU senior, Megan Crenshaw. “I also wish the campus would promote events more, because no one knows about the events ahead of time,” she continued. When asked what events Megan would like on campus she said, “Something different would be fun, like a color run or something unique that no one has heard of.”

NDNU has a reputation among students for lack of school spirit and event participation. This year our school student leaders are trying to do a better job of appealing to our students. Programming Board, a student leader position board, consists of NDNU students whose main goal is to get students involved and to create a fun-filled environment on campus. These board members are given a budget just for planning and hosting events for the students on our campus. Events are happening a few times a week and multiple times a month. Their mission is to create a sense of community and unity at NDNU and that is where school spirit begins to them.

Recently, Programming Board member Lindsay Denton, hosted Karaoke Night. Karaoke night had one of the best turnouts of the year so far with about 75 students in attendance. However, she doesn’t take all of the credit, “Karaoke night in my opinion was a team effort.” According to Denton, “when students come to our events it just fuels our fire.” Because of the success of Karaoke Night, Programming Board is considering hosting this event monthly or bimonthly.

Each month a calendar is put out around campus from the Residence Hall Association. This association consists of resident’s assistants who put on events each week for students living in campus housing. Most recently, Resident Assistant Lesley Morales hosted a cookie decorating night for students. Other events have included Salsa & Salsa, as well as Zumba night.

To encourage wearing school gear, the housing office offers incentive to see students represent their NDNU spirit. Every Friday, students can go to the housing office and win prizes for showing their school spirit by wearing anything NDNU. This takes place Friday mornings at 9:30a.m and prizes are offered to the first three students.

Students who wish to start their own clubs are welcome to stop by the Campus Programs Office for more information. And anyone interested in a student leadership organization are encouraged to learn more about the positions. Club meetings usually occur once a week and new members are always welcome. Sporting events continually take place on and off campus throughout the duration of the school year.

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