Stress Levels Before Break by Sarah Reyes

There is a lot going on in the life of an NDNU student at the moment.  Midterm test and paper stress has just finally subsided and students are on their way into the week of Thanksgiving break.  NDNU students will have Thursday, November 24 and Friday, November 25 off from regularly scheduled classes.  Students will resume normal classes on Monday, November 28.  Just because there is a break doesn’t take away from the upcoming end of the semester, where things can start getting a little hectic and stress levels may be off the charts.

Finals week is arriving soon.  Whether students are prepared or not, finals will begin in just two weeks time after returning from Thanksgiving break.  This is the time for students to kick it into overdrive in their classes.  For some that may not be as easy as it sounds.  Sophomore undergraduate Allyssa Vallente, who is majoring in Sociology talks about one of her more difficult classes, which happens to be part of her major.  “I am most nervous for my Sociology class because a lot of things are due, and it is a very interactive class where we have to post forums and comment on classmates posts.”

There are all types of different stresses when dealing with classes so students shouldn’t ever feel like they are alone.  Sophomore undergraduate student Dutch Muder says his most difficult class is his science class Biology I, “There is a three-hour lab that goes along with it and it just takes a lot of time studying outside of class to understand the information in class.”  Each major and each person has their subjects or professors that they find more strenuous than others so students should remember that they are all in the same boat together trying to do their very best!

It’s not all stress at NDNU, there is anxiousness and excitement as well.  Vallente says, “I am anxious for finals to be over and have all of this weight lifted off my shoulders, I will feel so relieved.”  Others such as undergraduate sophomore, Emily Hotchkiss are excited for the break, “I’m looking forward to the holidays to see friends and family!”  There are also the students that are looking to the future, Muder says, “I am pretty excited for next semester to take more classes that has to do with my major.”  Even though stress could be clouding some thoughts right now, there are still ways to make students looks to the bright side.

With Thanksgiving Break arriving, students will soon be getting into their finals grind.  Muder says his plans to tackle finals week include, “Getting started with studying early and making sure all assignments are getting turned in on time to keep up.”  Others such as Hotchkiss say, “I will definitely organize my subjects and plan out my days to make sure nothing gets forgotten.”  The main point though as Vallente points out is, “Just try your best, and do not fall behind and you should be fine.”  When finals week is complete Christmas Break will arrive and students will be able to return their families to enjoy the holidays.  Finals week at NDNU will be from December 12 to the 17.

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