Open Gym by Jorge Jimenez

Intramural sports have now started at NDNU for all students who would like to play. Sports that are offered are Basketball and Volleyball. Any students are welcome to come to the gym on Monday between 6pm to 9pm. Students may submit a team to the coordinators of Open Gym or they may simply walk in and play as a walk on. It is safe to say that students are excited to have Open Gym back at NDNU as the gymnasium has been loaded with students every Monday night of the week.

Sophomore Nate Tanada played Basketball at Open Gym last year as a freshman as well and has decided to come back for a second year in a row. “I play at Open Gym as much as I can because I don’t have to the opportunity to play as much as I did in high school. I know that when I come to the gym there’s going to be a ton of people there so we can run as many games as we want.” Tanada also mentioned that he played basketball in high school as a point guard.

The next intramural sport offered at Open Gym, Volleyball is also played in the gym during the same time that basketball is played. Sophomore Alberto Gutierrez has played intramural Volleyball at NDNU this year after only playing intramural basketball last year. Gutierrez said, “I sometimes still go to play Basketball but I’d rather play that outside at a park or a middle school that’s why this year I decided that when I go to the gym I’d rather play something that I’ve never played before. I didn’t think I’d have this much fun playing volleyball but I guess it’s the people that make it fun.” Gutierrez did not play Volleyball in high school but

he was part of his schools lacrosse team during his 4 years there and has been on the lacrosse team at NDNU since his freshman year.

Intramural Sports during Open Gym are fun according to students. Many returning students are playing again after playing last year and hope to have more students go to Open Gym this year. The more students that attend the better according to Tanada and Gutierrez. They believe that with more students coming to the games at Open Gym more connections will be made with more students and everyone will be able to make more friends that they didn’t think they would be able to be friends with before Open Gym. Everyone come out to the next Open Gym, see everyone there!

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