Cold Days at NDNU by Noah Sanchez

The weather in Belmont for the past couple weeks has been no higher than sixty degrees. During this time of cold weather, even the trees on campus became involved. Just last week, on January 12, 2017, a tree behind New Hall fell over. “The tree that fell down was right behind my dorm room, but luckily it was not close enough to fall into the back wall of the dorms. I heard it as it happened and then I had to listen to them throw it in the wood chip which was pretty loud and also set up right next to my room. Thankfully there was no damage to any buildings on campus and that the tree did not fall through the wall of my room,” said Adilene Ruiz.

During this weather, on steep terrain, mudslides and debris flows are possible. With Notre Dame de Namur being built on a hill this was a highly plausible situation that could have happened, but did not. If this happened, a lot of damage could have been caused. The New Hall dorms could have definitely been affected by the possible land slide.

 While the weather may not be too bad for some, others can not wait for it to pass. According to a sophomore who lives in the New Hall dorms on campus, Sandra Aguilar, said, “This weather is too cold for me. I prefer warmer weather because I love to go outside and go on runs around the NDNU campus. Hopefully this cold weather will only be here for a little while longer.”

In the New Hall dorms, there is no air conditioning system, but the tiles in the rooms are able to be heated up. While the heated tiles may sound nice, even in this cold weather, some may not even consider using them. Sophomore, Allyssa Valente, said, “Even though the weather is pretty cold, I still do not like turning the tile heaters on. I’ll admit that it does feel good for a short time, but after a while, the room becomes pretty stuffy. My roommates and I have come to a consensus that we would rather not have the tiles on despite the frigid weather. I try to stay warm in other ways by making sure I stay bundled up twenty-four seven and I am really appreciating hot showers during this time.”

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