Are the Warriors Better with Kevin Durant? by John Schrup

Since the signing of superstar Kevin Durant last summer the question’s been stirring around the basketball world, are the Warriors going to be better than they were last year? Last season the Dubs posted the best regular season record in NBA history at 73-9 and were 1 game away from being back to back NBA champions. After their devastating loss in the finals up 3-1 to the Cavs, the Warriors franchise signed arguably the best player in the NBA to assure they would be Champions in the upcoming season.

Without a doubt any NBA team would love to have Kevin Durant but the accusation didn’t come cheap. The Warriors had to release starters Harrison Barnes and Andrew Bogut as well as key role players, Marreese Speights, Leandro Barbosa, Festus Ezeli and Brandon Rush in order to pay Durant the 27 million a season he demanded. The loss of almost half the team that got the Warriors to back to back championship appearances can prove to be problematic when raising the question, are the warriors going to be better with Kevin Durant? The last two seasons the Warriors have made history both individually as players and as a team, “Anyone who’s watched the warriors play over the last two seasons would argue that they were the best team of all time with chemistry both on and off the court . . . you can tell they were a family,” said Junior Mitch Fulfer.

Kevin Durant’s list of achievements are amongst the best who’ve ever played the game. He’s a two time scoring champion, one time league MVP, 4 time all NBA first team, Rookie of the year and the list of accolades go on and on. At almost 7 feet tall Durant’s unique ability to move and shoot like a guard but also play down low in the post makes him a matchup nightmare. With Durant the warriors add another scoring dimension to their already lethal combination with Steph Curry and Klay Thompson. The trio have a chance to become the best “Big 3” the NBA’s ever seen, a feat that’s nearly impossible to achieve but can only be achieved if they win multiple championships together.

45 games into the 2016-2017 seasons they’ve posted a record of 38-7 the best record in the NBA. Last season 45 games in, the Warriors were 43-2 and had won 24 straight games, the most in NBA history. Senior Trey-Shawn King Dunbar believes the difference between the two teams is, “consistency.”. “The highs this year are higher than last season but the lows are also lower”, said Mike Karimu. The warriors may be winning in bigger fashion than last season but they are also losing more often and by a wider margin. No one can argue that adding Kevin Durant an NBA superstar would make a team worse, but changing a lineup that many believed to be in the argument of one of the best all times can prove to be problematic. Only in time will we be able to know if the signing of Durant was a blessing or disaster. 

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