Removal of the Theater Arts department at NDNU by Abriana Arzaga

Due to low enrollment and little funding for the Theater Arts Department, President Judith Maxwell Greig, eliminated the department for Fall 2017. Maxwell Greig, sent a seemingly email January 29, 2016 to the faculty, entitled “Results of Spring Program Prioritization Process; Cost Reductions in Administrations” with an attached memo that stated the board already approved Greig’s recommendation to terminate bachelors degree programs in theater arts along with several other concentrations. Greig said that the reasons for all the cuts is that the University suffered last year from declining enrollment and lower then expected revenue from gifts, and has “substantive issues to resolve.” Fixing that “requires sacrifice by all participants and clear alignment with our common objective of serving students with access to an excellent education”.

Due to academic changes, incoming students no longer have the option to pursue a degree in Theater Arts at NDNU. The last class to graduate with a theater arts degree is the students of 2020.

The announcement came as a shock to students in the theater arts.Senior Treci Fields spoke out, “It’s upsetting, because I’ve been involved in this program since freshmen year and it’s a shame that its coming to end. We have a great Theater department here which makes the removal even harder to accept.” Freshman student Tatiana Ochoa stated, “ So far my time in the theater arts department has been a incredible learning experience. The department is full of awesome professors. It’s sad that it’s being removed.” Maxwell Greig, decision on the removal is final.

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