College Crimes by Lupe Gutierrez

College crimes across the United States are affecting student’s lives. From rape to drug and alcohol abuse, these types of crimes are occurring from big campus to small campus like Notre Dame De Namur University.

Rape incidents have been occurring primarily in fraternities at various universities across the United States for decades. According to author Jessica Valenti in a 2014 Guardian article she states that “…numerous studies have found that men who join fraternities are three times more likely to rape, that women in sororities are 74% more likely to experience rape than other college women, and that one in five women will be sexually assaulted in four years away at school.”

Notre Dame De Namur University’s director of public safety William G. Palmini Jr. stated, “ We have 24/7 patrols on campus by site and foot as well, which therefore allows us to keep an eye on the university’s safety from any crimes being committed. Regarding crimes on campus, there has been eight sexual abuse crimes so far this year, which is relatively low. As of recent, we are in the process of being a part of the freshman and transfer student orientations from now on, so we can inform incoming students about crimes and the consequences behind them.”

Notre Dame De Namur University, being a small private university, crimes don’t often occur on campus, yet whenever they do, they circulate among students.

“ Yes, I have witnessed some students on campus, who have abused alcohol. A friend of mine was going through a break up and turned to alcohol to cope with her emotions, which wasn’t the healthiest choice for her” said Senior Paul Enriquez.

Being a Catholic private university, the Greek life on campus isn’t recognized. Yet on campus, we have two Greek Latin organizations, Lambda Theta Phi, a fraternity and Lambda Sigma Gamma, a sorority.

“ Here on campus, we have a Latin fraternity and sorority. I have been a member in the sorority for the past three years and we have not experienced any crime problems in both Greek organizations. In regards to rape incidents, I believe that a boy will rape a girl regardless if he is part of a fraternity or not. For example, with the Brock Turner case, even though he wasn’t Greek, he got away with rape, due to being a student athlete. It’s unfortunate to see a high percentage in fraternity rapes, which is giving the Greek life a bad reputation” said Junior Yocelynn Mendoza.

College students come into contact with rape, alcohol and drug abuse on a daily basis on campus, especially those who live on campus. Notre Dame De Namur University has done well, in regards to handling crimes on campus, which explains as to why we don’t often hear of any occurring.

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