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Study Abroad by Brianna Mora

Want to study in Spain? France? Or even Great Britain? Read how!

The Modern Languages and Cultures Program offers Notre Dame de Namur University students to join Study Abroad. The Department of Modern Languages and Cultures enables students to acquire proficiency in their target language and to gain insights from the culture. The Modern Languages and Cultures program prepares students for careers in international business, education, diplomacy, travel, and translation. Study Abroad is highly recommended for students to learn the language and experience another culture. Study Abroad allows students to obtain new perspectives of life in other countries related to education, careers, cultures, and human relationships. Dr. Helene Laroche Davis; chair of the Modern Languages and Culture program here at Notre Dame de Namur University mentions that students, discover themselves when abroad. The program is specifically programmed to help students understand world issues while learning another language and experience other cultures. Dr. Ann Fathman, Study Abroad Adviser said that in recent years, students have studied in..accredited universities throughout the world especially Italy, Spain, France, England, Africa, Asia, Australia, and Latin America. Many of the cities include historic capitals such as: Barcelona, Spain; Paris, France; Oxford, England; New Delhi, India, Geneva, Switzerland; Semester at Sea, and others. Laroche states that many of students favorites include: France, Spain, and Italy. Students can even receive credit for participating in trips and service projects. The Study Abroad Experience is available to all Notre Dame de Namur University students! Throughout the experience [students] take classes in a university abroad of their choice and live in dorms or homes. They can take 15 units of classes in any subject offered. Many students also study the language of the country where they are staying.  Most programs offer excursions, and many students travel to other countries during their time abroad, said Fathman. The program strategically allows students to select from a wide variety of summer, semester, and year programs.  Students from all majors can receive credit while studying at overseas universities in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, South America. Fees for overseas study are comparable to the cost of on-campus tuition and housing. Steps for applying are simple as 1, 2, 3! First, research potential programs to study abroad and contact your study abroad adviser to see if the program meets qualifications. Next, apply to the program. When accepted to the program, obtain Notre Dame de Namur University Approval to Study Abroad form from the Study Abroad office. Fathman also reminds students of the requirements to go on Study Abroad: NDNU requires that a student have a 2.5 GPA, be at least a sophomore, attend an approved study abroad program at an accredited university. Our students attend a variety of programs which have various requirements (e.g.; some require a 3.0 GPA). Fathman adds on to reveal that Students who study abroad have the opportunity to live in a new culture, to learn new languages, to study at a  university in another country, to travel and meet people from different countries. Students who study abroad say it’s the highlight of their college career and a life-changing experience. They become global citizens of the world. If students are interested, please speak with Dr. Helene Laroche Davis or Dr. Ann Fathman.

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