Zeuxis: Flowers as a Metaphor, a Show at the Wiegand Gallery by Noah Sanchez

There is currently an art exhibit up in the Wiegand Gallery until February 25, 2017. The exhibit is titled Zeuxis: Flowers as a Metaphor. This was a group show that included about twenty-eight different artists from all over the country. Zeuxis is the name of this group of artists while the exhibit’s name isFlowers as a Metaphor.

According to art professor and co-curator of the show, Robert Poplack, “This group of artists choose a theme and then they will submit paintings based on that. An example of this that the artists have done is that they will paint a particular object with in all of their paintings. In this case they are picking a theme of a metaphor, which is a traditional theme.”

Poplack also explained where the unique name of the group of artists come from, while also explaining how exclusive the group is. “Zeuxis was the first still life painter. This is a collective, a group of artists that show together on a regular basis and you have to be invited to be in the group, so not anyone can join. You have to be selected and so — they named the group after the first still life painter.”

This group of artists are from all over the country. They did not find the Wiegand Gallery themselves, but rather the Wiegand Gallery found them. Poplack, who co-curated this show reached out to this group of artists to come show their art at the gallery. Poplack’s wife, Debra Kirkland, is also one of the artists in the show. This is how he found out about this particular show and he thought that it would be a good show for the Wiegand.

Sophomore, Sydney Sudaria participated in hanging the art in the show. “I never really paid a lot of attention to a piece of art until I was handling and hanging it up for an exhibit. This show is very unique and unlike anything I have ever seen before. All of the pieces are very elegant looking and pleasing to the eye. This show really lets the viewer interpret the artist’s meaning of each painting so ultimately each painting has multiple meanings and significances, it just depends on how you look at it.”

One of the artists in the show, Richard Castellana said, “This is an exhibition of “flower” paintings as visual metaphors. The flowers are there, but not are not as crucial as the poetry, moods, emotions, thoughts, they engender. As the title of this exhibition implies, the viewer is encouraged to see not flowers, but what they stand for – you may see something the artists did not.”

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