Tom Brady; San Mateo’s hometown hero by John Schrup

On February 3rd, 2017, Tom Brady became the only quarterback in NFL history to win 5 Super Bowl rings. This feat has Brady in the discussion for being the best quarterback of all time and possible in NFL history.

“I would have thought he was an all American in high school and the first round pick in the NFL draft,” said Senior Matt Richardson. That storyline sounds so plausible for arguably the best quarterback of all time, but in reality, he’s journey couldn’t have been more different.

Brady’s journey to being arguably the best Quarterback of all time started right here, in San Mateo County. Tom Brady grew up in San Mateo just a few miles from campus. He attended St. Gregory’s kindergarten through 8th grade and went to Junipero Serra High School in San Mateo. The Brady family have donated tons of money to both schools and even have a part of the school named after them at St. Greg’s, called the “Brady Science Lab”.

At Serra he begin his freshman year on the football team as a backup quarterback and even played other positions on the team. Growing up he was a normal kid, “I’ve had better natural athletes than Tom Brady,” said his former coach at Serra Tom Mackenzie. 

Brady has come a long way from his years at Serra throwing touchdowns to Hall of famers and NFL greats. But before the super bowl winning touchdown passes his first touchdown was in a scrimmage to his high school teammate John Kirby.

“It was in a scrimmage up in St. Ignatius, I have the VCR tape somewhere and it was time for the backups to go in and it was his first play, the first play my DB fell down, he threw one up to me and next thing you know it was a 60 yard touchdowns.”

Brady graduated from Serra in 1995 with multiple division I offers to play baseball but decided to walk on at the University of Michigan to pursue his football career. When Brady go to Michigan he was the 7th quarterback on the depth chart and didn’t see a snap for his first two years on the team.

Brady started his Junior and Senior year at Michigan, doing a fine enough job to be a lightly regarded prospect for the NFL. With the 199th overall pick in the sixth round of 2000 NFL draft, The New England Patriots drafted Brady. In his first year Brady once again was riding the pine, but after an injury to the starting quarterback Drew Bledsoe in his second season, Brady finally got the nod to start for an NFL team. After that, Brady never looked back leading the Patriots to a Super Bowl victory that same year.

16 years later, 7 super bowl appearances, five Super Bowl wins, four Super Bowl MVPs and two League MVPs later San Mateo’s hometown hero, is now in consideration for the best Quarterback of all time. Brady’s story is a perfect example of never giving up on a dream regardless of how many people doubt you

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