Las Vegas Raiders by Andrew English

Although the N.F.L. is still wary of gambling and its potential influence on games, the league has dismissed those concerns in order for the Oakland Raiders to move forward to move to Sin City in the very near future.

On Thursday January 19, the Oakland Raiders applied to relocate to Las Vegas. This would be a bid that will test the league, which has stridently opposed sports gambling for decades. Relocation of the Raiders would require approval from at least 24 of the 32 teams, and the earliest the owners are expected to vote is late March, when they are to meet in Phoenix. The Raiders have said they want to move to Nevada because they have failed for years to find a replacement for their home at the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum, which is one of the oldest and most decrepit stadiums in the league. Local government officials have said they cannot pay a large share of the bill for a new sports facility, something the Raiders have demanded. “We’ll give them the home that Oakland couldn’t”, says Zach Ginter a former NDNU student and Las Vegas resident, “The city has been needing a sports team for the longest time. I know that the stadium cost along with gambling and betting may be a concern for the league, but I think in the long run it will benefit greatly to the city and the N.F.L.”

“The Bay Area won’t be the same without the Raiders”, said Brandon Davis, a local Bay Area resident, after the finding about Raiders abrupt move to Las Vegas. “I’ve been a Raiders fan for all of my life. My dad used to take me to Raider games when I was younger, it makes me upset that I may not possibly be able to do that and continue the legacy when I get kids.” However while most people in the Bay are upset about the Raiders sudden move, Jessica Beltran, a SoCal resident who plans to move to the Bay Area after graduation, thinks that the Raiders moving maybe a better plan in the long run. “I believe that Raiders moving will be good for the 49ers. With one team gone the Bay can focus more on having one main football team. Gold and Maroon looks better than black and white anyway.”

The Raiders tried to leave Oakland last year but failed to persuade the owners of other teams to let them build a new stadium in SoCal with the Chargers, who last week announced their move from San Diego to Los Angeles. The Raiders owner, Mark Davis, who also had talked with officials in San Antonio, began meeting with lawmakers in Nevada, who ultimately agreed to contribute $750 million in hotel taxes to help pay for a 1.9 billion dollar domed stadium that Davis wants to build in Las Vegas. However, the city plans to earn all that money back in five years time.

When it’s all said and done, Vegas needs a sports team more than the Bay. Why? The Bay already has a numerous amount of professional teams, it will help generate more money to the league itself, and to the hotels in Las Vegas. In addition Vegas is way more adept to handling the demands that a major football team needs. Oakland didn’t have enough income to support the Raiders and a move was definitely in the future, nonetheless, Raiders fans didn’t think it would come this quick. Las Vegas has more resources and a bigger area to expand than the Oakland Raiders in the Even though the Raiders 1.9 billion dollar football stadium will set them back a couple hundred million dollars, the long term results for the team moving will definitely out way the negatives.

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