Black Student Union by Marypaz Hermosillo

February is Black History Month and NDNU’s Black Student Union hosts many events to celebrate. The purpose of these events is to educate other NDNU students about the history of African Americans in the United States.


“To me it means a month to recognize and appreciate all the black activist this country has had and continues to have today,” said freshman Antionette Watson, a member of the Black Student Union at NDNU. “It is a month to remember all the things black people had to go through just to be considered human beings in America.


Black History Month is not only celebrated in the United States, it is also celebrated in Canada. Another country that celebrates Black History Month is the United Kingdom but there it is celebrated in October.


Now Black History Month is celebrated throughout the country and many universities, like NDNU. These universities host events to spread awareness through the university’s Black Student Unions. They not only want to spread awareness of the hardships African Americans have gone through, but also on the accomplishments and achievements African Americans have had in our country.


“The Black Student Union is supposed to be a club that supports black empowerment and black students, but here at NDNU it is just a club that has events for you to attend,” said Watson. NDNU’s Black Student Union has a lot of growing it has to do but it is starting of on a good note, spreading awareness and having multiple events that everyone on campus is welcomed to join.


The Black Student Union is something that is recently gaining numbers in students at NDNU and this year for Black History Month they are putting on a movie for anyone at NDNU to attend every Tuesday. The movies consist of movies that have African Americans as the main character and others even touch on the history of African Americans. Another event they hosted this year was a fashion show on Wednesday February 22, 2106. The theme of the fashion show was culture explosion.


Although not every student is involved with the Black Student Union NDNU on it’s own teaches students about the history of the many different cultures and races in America. “I don’t remember learning much about any positive history of African Americans even during Black History Month before college,” said sophomore Xochitl Vazquez. This seems to be a common theme when talking to the college students that attend NDNU.
“I feel that at NDNU I am exposed to more African American history,” Said Vazquez. “Especially being a Political Science major and taking multiple history classes that don’t just cover basic history like in high school.” This just goes to show that NDNU and the Black Student Union try to expose its students to the history, hardships, and accomplishments of the African American community.

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