Rising Issue of Hunger In College by Lupe Gutierrez

Hunger has become an issue within universities, for students are now starving themselves in order to pay for college expenses. They are reducing their personal expenses, in order to get through college.

According to author Katy Murphy in a 2016 mercury news article she said that “A new UC survey found that 1 in 5 of students had gone hungry in the past year because they didn’t have money for food. CSU this year released the sobering estimate that 8-12 percent of students were homeless or lacked permanent housing. And a survey from San Jose State found that 20 percent of students had gone a whole day without a meal because money was so tight”.

Here at Notre Dame De Namur University, resident students have meal plans according to what they can afford. Commuter students also have the option of applying for affordable meal plans. 

“Our school should do more in regards to helping students who are starving. UC’s/CSU’s have already developed food programs to help out students who are struggling with hunger, yet we don’t happen to have any programs just yet. Notre Dame De Namur University, should change the meal plans and make them more affordable and to create a food program, that could benefit both resident and commuter students, who are dealing with this issue” Said Senior Fabiola Malfabon.

Jim McGarry, Director of The Sr. Dorothy Stang Center for Social Justice and Community Engagement stated “ Here on campus we do in fact have students who suffer from food security and homelessness. To help with this issue we have a food pantry on campus, where we bring fresh produce from a local farmer’s market, for students to take for free. Hunger is a big issue within college campus now a days and we are determined to do more for students”.

CSU and UC’s have taken a stand against the hunger epidemic that is spreading across universities. College campuses across California have decided to set up food pantries, coordinate emergency relief and  set new policies, such as allowing homeless students to stay in campus residence halls during breaks, so students don’t have to worry what will be their next meal or where to stay for the night. Notre Dame De Namur University has began to help out those who suffer from hunger and we hope to make more changes in the year to come.

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