Why your bracket was doomed from the start by Andrew English

It’s the Final Four for March Madness and many carefully predicted brackets have been crumbled, ripped, and burned in this unpredictable tournament.

The Gonzaga Bulldogs, North Carolina Tar Heels, Oregon Ducks, and the South Carolina Gamecocks have made it into the final four of NCAA tournament. Least to say it’s been a very unpredictable turn of events for two of these four teams to even get this far in tournament. The only two teams that the majority picked to make it this far in the tournament are Gonzaga and North Carolina are the number one seed in both of their respected regions. Oregon is the number three seed in the Midwest were predicted to make it far but still, no one thought they would make it to the final four especially with their dominating win over number one seed Kansas. However, the underdog team of this tournament is the number seven seed of the Eastern region South Carolina. No one, except their diehard fans, saw them beating number two seed Duke and advancing to the final four in the tournament.

During this tournament, a majority of the March Madness fans brackets are completely destroyed due to teams like last year’s championship Villanova in this first round and Kentucky who expected to upset North Carolina in the Southern region. Former President Barack Obama even made his own March madness bracket. In Obama’s bracket he has Kansas, North Carolina, Duke, and Arizona making it to the final four. And in the final he has Duke Vs North Carolina with the Tar Heels winning the tournament overall. The only team that Obama picked that still in the tournament is North Carolina, therefore he will need North Carolina to win the whole tournament for his bracket to stand a chance. Many believe the reason he is picking the Tar Heels to win is because back in 2009, Obama correctly predicted the University of North Carolina would take home the crown.

Here at NDNU, many brackets have the same or even worse outcomes than the former president’s. “Obama had the right idea with North Carolina, but his other choices were terrible.” Said senior Mike Karimu, after being shown the bracket that the former president made. He continued, “My bracket is still good because I predicted Gonzaga and North Carolina to make it this far. Hopefully they make it to the championship.” “My bracket was ruined from the beginning, I threw it away”, said Ty Peacock a basketball player at NDNU.

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