How the Internet is Affecting Students According to Them by Noah Sanchez

With laptops, iPads, and all other types of technology that has been created in this generation, education has changed according to the students themselves.

“All of my homework needs to be done on the computer whether it is typing an essay or doing homework via a website online. I genuinely do not think I could pass any of my classes without my computer or the internet. Although with all of my social media applications, I do sometimes get distracted, but for the most part, I am very thankful for the technology in our day and age just because of everything it does for us. It does have some down sides, but those are definitely outweighed by all of the positive things about it,” said sophomore biology major, Keyanna Henderson.

When asked, “Would you be able to complete any of courses without your computer,”  sophomore, Emma Keller said, “Definitely not.” “Almost all of my courses require it and even the ones that do not, I would still need to be able to access my email online to keep in touch with my professors. Even with some of my art courses where my projects are usually done on paper, I still use the internet sometimes if I need to search things to gain inspiration.”

According to a New York Times article,Technology and the college Generation (2013), a sophomore at Fordham University in New York, names Morgan Judge said she thought it was “cool” last semester when a professor announced that students could text him. “This is a benefit because although we have email, text message is a much faster way to get into contact with our professors if we have a very urgent question that can not wait. Personally speaking from experience from having a professor who gave out her cell phone number, I found this very effective and actually found myself using her number multiple times during the semester,” said freshman psychology major, Stephen Mau.

According to Eric Stoller, who consults with universities on social media and communication, said schools often have outsize expectations for students when it comes to all things tech. “We have this perception that because students are fluent with things like smartphones and downloading music that they are born with chips embedded in them that make them technology wizards,” he said. “They are no better at managing e-mail than anyone else.” (Rubin, “Technology and the College Generation”)

Freshman, Selina Cardoza stated, “Without technology, we would not be able to contact our professors within a timely manner if the occasion is truly urgent and frankly, we also would not be able to get a majority, if any of our work done. The influx of technology of our generation has greatly helped the education system and well as students, as long as they stay focused.”

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