Internship Opportunities by Lupe Gutierrez

Internships are required or recommended in most colleges today, which benefit’s college students in the long run, in terms of finding employment.

Colleges that focus in on accommodating internships as part of their course curriculum position their students in the right path, in terms of being successful after college.

Notre Dame De Namur University School of Business and Management professor Sujata Verma Ph. D., who teaches the internship class for Business said, “ Students who have extra units often take the internship course for more than one year. An internship is crucial to fill the gap for students who do not have any work experience, especially in preparation for post graduation. Director of Career Center Carrie Mcknight gives students help in anticipation for their internship and job opportunities”.  

Communications and Business majors are required to take an year round internship course, where they have a first hand experience in regards to working as an intern for the field they are interested in. Business majors have the option to choose any type of internship of their interest, whereas Communication majors are given the choice of completing a non-profit internship one semester and the next semester completing a profit internship in their field of interest.

“ Internships are very important in regards to being successful after college. By doing one before we graduate gives us the opportunity to explore a position in our field of interest and to find out rather if we enjoy it or turn out to not be the right fit for us. I am currently looking for a summer internship as a marketing intern,” said Junior Michelle Estolas.

Popular internships that most students apply to here on campus would be marketing, communications and business internships for companies and corporations such as SAP, Sales Force, Oracle, Google and more.

Notre Dame De Namur University’s career center offers students part-time, full-time, internship and work-study job listings at their career services. Internships are a necessity in today’s world.

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