Steve Kerr out for playoffs? by John Schrup

The Warriors biggest worry is not the injury to Kevin Durant. He is all but ready to take the court again, even though the Warriors held him out of Game 3. It’s Kerr’s health that is now the biggest concern.
Saturday before game three of the first round of the Western Conference playoffs, Steve Kerr was nowhere to be found. Although the warriors were able to handle the Trail Blazers without Kerr he’s absence moving forward is problematic.
“Coach Kerr is the leader of the team and he manages the game. Without him I’m nervous that we (warriors) won’t be able to beat the spurs or cavaliers if we face them.” said senior Joe Laherran.
The Spurs have arguably the best coach in the NBA with Gregg Popovich. Popovich is a 6 time NBA champion and has been to the finals 9 times in his 25 year coaching career. Kerr played for Popovich for 4 years and has developed some of the same strategies and styles from him. Kerr is best fit to counter and coach against Pop if they were to face off in the Conference Finals and without him even with a more talented team, the warriors can be defeated.
“Without Kerr the warriors will not win the NBA Championship. He’s the reason they are where they are today. He’s lead them to back to back championships and it’s no coincidence” said San Mateo high school varsity basketball coach Marvin Lui.
Kerr had  surgical procedure on his back in 2015 which caused a spinal fluid leak which gives him excruciating symptoms such as migraines and nausea.
The worst part, the Warriors don’t yet know what is going on. They had to say “illness” because they have no answers yet. In reports Kerr hadn’t felt well all series, according to people around him, and Saturday it became unbearable. It is unknown if these issues are even related to his past well-known health problems.
“I saw on ESPN after the game saturday that Kerr was in excruciating pain and he could barely walk. It was scary to hear because he said it wasn’t a feeling he’s had before.”said senior Jen Ticzon.
In the game Saturday assistant head coach Mike Brown held down the fort and helpe dlead the Warriors to victory but over this long championship pursuit Kerr’s knowledge of rival teams, hes . ability to motivate individual players and manage the roller coaster of emotions will be pivotal to the teams success.
Kerrs absence will be a big deal in the later rounds if his health doesn’t improve. Even though the Warriors have veterans with championship experience, removing his presence at this juncture is a significant change and will be problematic in the Warriors bout to win the NBA Championship. .

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