Three New Artists in the Wiegand Gallery by Noah Sanchez

There is currently an art exhibit up in the Wiegand Gallery until April 22, 2017. The exhibit is titled Britta Kathmeyer, Masako Miki & Sara Pringle: Paintings, Works on Paper & Installation.

According to the Wiegand Gallery Director, Robert Poplack, “These three exceptional artists, with Bay Area ties, raise provocative questions about our place in nature. Their art also explores key issues about identity, myth, and culture.”

Zach Rogow, who worked in the show, has given a short description about each artist and their styles. “Britta Kathmeyer creates art that moves between ambiguity and revelation. She finds inspiration in restraint, working with ink, coffee, and other water-based media to create spaces for memories, emotions, and imagination. Her work is influenced and guided by Eastern philosophy and the observation of nature.

Masako Miki’s, a Notre Dame de Namur graduate (2001), work envisions a cosmic view of our world in constant flux, expressed through an affinity and connection with nature. Her current series, Conversations with Fox, Feather, and Ghost, is inspired by the idea of soul and spirits—a realm between material and immaterial worlds where boundaries dissolve.

Sara Pringle uses self-portraits painted onto grand sceneries that raise questions and small works on paper to bring out contradictory accounts of self, sexuality, identity, and the body. She is interested in dualities such as flatness versus perspective, synthetic versus natural light, pattern versus chaos. Her visual language holds in balance of a questionable intersection of abstraction and nature.”

Sophomore Allyssa Valente helped to hang some of the art that is shown in the exhibit. “The art in this show really caught my eye. I generally do not really pay that much attention to art, but I really like some of the pieces in this show. This show is very unique and unlike anything I have ever seen before. All of the different works are very appealing to the eye. You can really tell which piece is each of the artists because they all have unique techniques as to how they try to relay their message to the audience. Seeing these pieces have really changed my view on art and I think I will start to view art more and look at it differently that I did before,” said Valente.


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